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On parcel opening day at Ronda's home, if she gets a chance she enjoys taking photographs of various items received from the Post Office.  Obviously, Ronda cannot be expected to take pics of everything, but it would be nice from time-to-time to see what arrives.  Many wonderful contributors do not feature their work on the Forum so we are likely to get a chance to see other interesting garments and squares!

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This is what Christmas should be about. And I agree with Mary Anne. It surely is a lovely letter.

I agree, what a great letter. The thought of all the children leaving with smiles...how precious is that?  To me that's worth more than gold...we did it ladies, we are gladdening hearts!!! Yippee!

More pics from opening November/December opening sessions!

Outreach Kya Sand via AnnIe de Witt  -  900 beanies sent for distribution at the Community Policing Forum's Christmas outreach in Kya Sands, and, the feedback was they were VERY GRATEFULLY RECEIVED!

New rolling system for presenting blankets to the children during hot weather!

Baby Cadence helps!

Visit from Tracy Timberlake and Jess. Tracy took items to distribute at Zandspruit Informal Settlement and she held an outreach day at Beaulieu College in Kyalami.

Opening day session!                                            Wendy stacking more completed blankets!

More Jenny Nesbit blankets due for delivery at the New Life Centre for Abused girls/women

Gina with one of her blankets.                               Careful,  Wendy!

I see some more of Sharon's squares here...hope she is not too busy packing or getting ready for Christmas to take a quick peek...lol.

Bev, you have a great memory for squares!   I recognize some of my squares from the Africa and Mandela Challenge, including the one with footprints --- a 2nd try, using the pattern that Robin shared because my first effort wasn't great -- and the rainbow zebra, etc.

But I really love the picture of those huge stacks of blankets in the "blanket room" -- they are almost as tall as Wendy!  Isn't that wonderful!!!

And I love the wonderful new way they have developed to deliver blankets/sweaters/hats during the hot weather by rolling them up and tying with ribbon.  It means more warmth can be delivered all year, and the children get a 2nd fun event when the cool weather arrives and they get to open their "roll" and try out some warmth.  Such great minds at work in South Africa! 

What wonderful pictures. Just getting me in the mood to start knitting again.

THANKS for sharing.  This always makes me want to crochet 24X7  

Knitting 24/7 would be my idea of heaven.  :))

Same here, except for me it's crocheting.

What super photos!  I am SO glad we were able to send such a phenomenal number of beanies to the Community Policing Forum's Christmas outreach in Kya Sands and I love the idea of rolling up the blankets and tying them with a white ribbon.  Such a feast for the eyes here, so very inspiring. Thank you so much Wendy and whoever else took the photos, these are marvellous!

Ditto on everything everyone else said!!  I love the rolled up blankets and I really love that we were able to send out all those hats!!  Great photos and great information, thank you for posting them for us Pam!

Wonderful pictures and wow!!! On one of the pictures I see my popcorn blanket in one of the piles while Wendy is stacking more completed blankets :))) I love the rolling system for presenting blankets :)



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