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Okay, so I'm not only a yarnaholic butalso a KASaholic...beyond any hope of a cure. As an obsessional being, I tried to convert others to become as addicted as I am myself.

In October 2012, I was lucky enough to be granted a half-hour interview on a local radio station. I had high hopes for this. However the result was not as tremendous as I had wished. The main benefit from this was several donations of yarn, including one donation of around 15 spools of tapestry wool.

Donation of tapestry yarn









donation of wool

Undeterred by this feeble result, I decided to beg space at the local Christmas Craft Fair, in order to present info. on KAS. It was a VERY cold day and the space I was allotted was very near the open door. I chatted to a few people, handed out sheets of info. that I'd translated into French and had printed up. The result was, once again, not encouraging. First of all, the Fair was awful. Up until a year ago, it was a really interesting event with some very beautiful craft work. This year was just shoddy-made industrial dross. I could have sold all my hats and vests that I'd brought to show what kind of things we make. And, if I'd really wanted to, I could have taken orders for a blanket or two. This just goes to show the level of things available! One good thing...I raided the Red Cross stand and bought a load of their soft toys.

I got some promises of donations of wool, which have never materialised. One or two people took the info. and said that maybe they'd contribute.

The major result of the whole exercise was that I caught an awful cold and felt royally sorry for myself for a week.

Not to be deterred by this failure, I decided to try and stir up enthusiasm in the ex-pat community here. It's a fairly large community, as a lot of Brit. and Dutch people settle here.

I'd already put an announcement online on an English language site providing info. for people moving to the area. I'd had 1 reply from a very charming lady recently moved to the area. We've kept up internet contact, and should meet sometime soon.

I decided a few days ago to contact our local monthly paper, Creuse News. It's a very good paper, full of interesting news, and widely read in the ex-pat community. I had a very favourable reply, and thought I'd make the March edition as we were almost into February. I had a lovely surprise 2 days ago to find KAS front page news in the February edition. They had checked KAS out on the site and written a very heartening article.

The editor has a spot twice a month on another local radio, and she's told me that I'll be a guest on her programme in March. I do so hope that something positive will come of all this. Julia, the editor, has even decided, herself, to dig out her knitting needles.



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I give my first crochet lessons tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. I taught myself the basics from a book. I don't know how easy it is to teach other peole something that seems fairly evident after you've been doing it for years. Also, I don't know if I'll have just 1 person or 10.

I learned the other day that there's going to be a yarnbombing event at Felletin, a small town about 40 kilometers from where I live. There are a lot of activities to get people knitting and crocheting every month up to the great day. I've contacted the organisers about having a little space to promote KAS. I haven't had an answer yet. I'd like to go to some of the events, but as I don't drive it's not too feasible. I live in a rural area where there's virtually no public transport.. My husband is very good about driving me places, but I can't expect him to wait around for a few hours until I finish what I'm doing.

Thank you Valerie for your wonderful encouragement to all of us about how to try to get the word out besides me posting it on the face book!

I just got started lately and when we drove 2 days (one-way) from KY, USA, to Tampa, FL, and back (after staying there and got 15 squares done! The driving time was NO problem!



Hi Valerie !
Did you put your translations of the patterns online yet ?

I tried , but I don't think Ning likes my elderly version of Word as nothing was accepted. I had the same problem with Pam Antink and Laurie Fortier when I first tried to send them what I'd done, so I send direct now to them on their e-mail adresses. If you let me have yours, I'll send you what I have already. I've slowed down a little as a lot of different things all happened at once. I have the general info translated, the preface to the pattern book, a page of essentials for getting the squares etc, right and several square patterns in knit and crochet, the cuddles in knit and crochet and the simple knit beanie. I've almost finished the front post crochet hat.

I expect that what I've done will only be put on the KAS site when everything is translated, or at least when all the squares are finished. I'm jumping around from squares to cuddles to hats as I have several Anglo-French associations interested and they need different types of patterns as they don't all want to make squares .

my e-mail address is: cherazal@sfr.fr

Hi Valerie

Just dropping in to say what an inspiration you are!

I agree! Valerie, you are a real inspiration!


Actually, I feel like a fraud. I'm doing something I love and trying to find other people to share it with has given me a whole new outlook on where I live and the people around me. I'm making new friends. What could be nicer?

You are someone who is passionate about KAS and wanting to share that passion....exactly the person that is needed !   And making new friends is an added bonus for you :-)

Valerie, how did your crochet lessons go?  Hope it went well for you :-)

Beth, they didn't go at all as the knitters in the group wanted to go on knitting and the others were already crocheters, but I had a good time, and it gives me a chance to explain a lot more about KAS. There's one SA lady there and she was very sceptic, but I explained everything and she seemed to be reassured that KAS is a legit. venture. Anyway she crocheted a complete square while we were talking. I think that when the weather gets better, there'll be more people and the knitters will learn crochet!!

A quick update after our attempt at fund raising yesterday. Our Anglo-french association holds an annual cricket match in the little town where we meet. This is designed to raise funds for the English Library and other needs. This year they very kindly allowed us to have a stand to raise money for postage for all our parcels.We decided to make and sell amigurumi, fondly imagining that everyone would be as enthusiastic as Viola, Gill and myself. In fact we were the only 3 to make any. I'd optimistically decided that I could make 2 a day over the month of July. Oh foolish me! I managed to make about 20 (including some very tiny mice). Gill and Viola made about another 20 between them.Viola was the first to arrive, only to find that they had not attributed a table or tent to us. She very ably negotiated everything we needed! Some very kind ladies donated some lovely baby clothes for us to include in the items for sale. They didn't sell as well as we would have wished. It was a great shame because there were some gorgeous hand-knitted jackets. The amigurumi sold very well and we made enough money to send about 50lbs (22kgs) of squares etc. It's not a fortune, but more than we dared hope for.

The nice part was the generosity of some people who bought animals and then told us to keep them to send in our next parcels. There should be a little article in the local paper about the match and the stands. I also have the promise of a long article in a regional French-language paper as soon as I can get the French translation on site.

I have to thank Viola and Gill for all their help. I made up info material (English on one side and French on the other) and Viola took a great bundle and walked all round the ground handing them out to everyone she met. It must have worked as we had a lot of people coming to buy, but also just to have more information.

We've had a series of photos and other interesting info made into a little booklet that people can leaf through to see what Kas is. They all melt when they see the photos of all the children with their hats and blankets and toys.

Well done Valerie, Viola and Gill - you are sending out ripples.  And as you say, everyone melts when they see the photos of all the children with their hats and blankets and toys!



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