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Small amounts of cotton DK (#3, light worsted) yarn in two colours
3 mm crochet hook
Button with shank, approx. ½ inch (12 mm.)


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl.st. = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
MC = main colour
CC = contrast colour
sk = skip

Special stitches:

Popcorn stitch: make 4 dc into designated stitch, drop loop after last dc, insert hook from front to back into top of first dc worked, pick up dropped loop and draw through.

Gauge: Motif = 1¾ inches square (4.5 cm.)
The finished bracelet should measure approx. 7½ inches in length. See pattern notes at the end of
instructions for a custom fit.

Motif: Using MC, ch 4, join into ring with sl.st.

1st round: Ch 2 then work 7 sc into ring. Join with sl.st. to top of 2 ch. Fasten off

2nd round: Join CC to same place as join. Ch 3, 3 dc into same place as join. Drop loop after 3rd dc, insert hook into top of 3 ch from front to back, pick up dropped loop and draw through. Ch 3, *popcorn stitch (see special stitches) into next sc, ch 3*. Repeat from * to * six times (8 popcorns). Join with sl.st. to top of first popcorn. Fasten off

3rd round: Join MC with sl.st. to any 3 ch space. Ch 2, 2 sc into same 3 ch space. 3 sc 1 ch 3 sc into next 3 ch space (corner made). *3 sc in next 3 ch space, 3 sc 1 ch 3 sc into next chain space*. Repeat from * to * twice. Join with sl.st. to top of 2 ch. Sl.st. into next sc. Do not fasten off.

Strap – first side

1st row: Ch 18. Sc into 7th chain from hook, *ch 3 sk next 3 ch, sc into next ch* repeat from * to * once. Ch 3, sl.st. to same sc on motif as beg. ch. Sl.st. to next sc on motif, ch 1. Turn

2nd row: [5 sc into 3 ch space. Sl.st. into next sc] 3 times. 11 sc into 6 ch space, sl.st. into back loop of foundation chain (opposite sc in row 1). [5 sc into next 3 ch space, sl.st. into back loop of foundation chain] twice. 5 sc into next 3 ch space, sl.st. to next sc on motif. 3 ch. Turn.

3rd row: Sk first 2 sc, sc into next sc. *[Ch 5 sk next 4 sc, sc into next sc] 3 times*. Sc into each of next 7 sc. Rep. from * to *. Ch 3, sl.st. into next sc on motif. Ch 1. Turn.

4th row: 3 sc into 3 ch space, *[5 sc into 5 ch space] 3 times*. Sc into each of next 7 sc. Rep. from * to *. 3 sc into 3 ch space. Sl. st. to next sc on motif. Fasten off.

Strap – second side

Join yarn to middle sc of middle 3 sc group on the opposite side of the motif and work second side of strap in the same way as the first.

Finishing. Weave in ends. Sew button to the end of one of the straps. The loop at the end of the other side of the strap acts as the buttonhole.

Pattern note: The bracelet length can be altered to fit any size wrist. To make it larger, increase the foundation chain of the strap by 4 stitches (on one or both sides) and make an additional 3 ch loop in the first row. To decrease, work 4 less ch and leave out one of the 3 ch loops. Each 3 ch loop adds approx. half an inch to the total length of the strap.


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Very pretty!
These are lovely!   Maybe you will start a new fashion trend....and spread the word !
This is a beautiful pattern.  I love the design and usually I'm not into yarn bracelets.  You've got a winner here. I'd wear one myself as well as give them for presents...not to mention sell at a KAS booth at a fair to raise postage money.  Great idea, thanks so much for sharing with us! :D
Finally.....I've managed to upload a photo above the pattern!!!

This is really pretty.  I'm not much into yarn bracelets but this one, and it's in my favorite blue, really is appealing.  I am thinking that this pattern done in embroidery cottons or crochet thread could end up as a hair barrette even or pretty brooch.

How long does it take you to make one, Elaine?  And congrats on getting the photo up, I'm a bit techno-phobic myself. :)


Well done Jeanne, I hadn't thought of it as a barrette or brooch but you're absolutely right.  Worked in embroidery thread, it would probably be about the right size.  It's really quick and easy to make - the motif is just three rounds and then it's really just chains and sc into spaces.  Not sure how long it took because I was making it up as I went along but easy to make in an evening I would think.
I think we have a KAS logo here...this is a wonderful bracelet and how about ankle bracelets...each are pretty fun for all ages and yes a barrette or brooch!!!!
I agree, a great fund raising idea for anyone's next booth at a fair where they're spreading the word about KAS. :)
a very beautiful piece of work also there is such potential with this beads could be added or sequins or more buttons etc



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