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Important Reminder:


Please declare '0'  as the parcel value. If your postmaster insists on a value, please declare $1.00. Anything more incurs customs fees. Before mailing any parcels, be sure to read the instructions in the




1. Squares

                -pack flat                                  -tail neatly butterflied                             -bundled in 5/10


 2. Inside the parcel: Include the Packing Slip                                        3.Check Postage before mailing 




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Hi Valerie, can imagine that you are worried. I will ask Ronda. Maybe there is a backlog in opening parcels. Can't imagine that your parcels did not arrive. As soon as I have received an answer from Ronda, I will let you know.

Valerie,  don't write off your parcels just yet.  I had a parcel appear on the list a few months ago and I know for a fact that I'd not sent one for well over a year,, I was astonished and thought it must have been at the very bottom of a very big pile.  I send my postage money to KAS instead now.  I've sent only one parcel since the first financial 'crisis'  [there was a plea for mittens and toys that tugged at my heartstrings], and that appeared on the new revised list last month a mere 6 weeks after I'd sent it by surface mail!  I hope your parcels turn up         Roz xx

Thank you, Roz. That's very heartening to hear. The 3 parcels missing from last year worry me because they were sent at the same time as other parcels which arrived safely.

I agree with what others have remarked and I too miss already the global listing. 

Hi Deborah, like you, I think we all miss the global listing, but there is no other way for the team to get things done. It is too much work to register everything. With sincere apologies from the SA team. But what counts and matters is the number of blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys distributed to the vulnerable children in need.

This is an argument that I can understand, but it doesn't solve the problems with which we, the senders find ourselves. The parcels that have benn "mislaid" last year can be , in 2 cases, identified as they were part of a multiple send off and I just had to check what was in the parcels which arrived. At the moment, I feel that I can't risk sending anything more until I know if any of my parcels will arrive safely.

I understand your worries Valerie. Hope to have an answer from Ronda soon.  

Thank you Anneke. As you know very well postage costs are so very high, I hate to think of parcels being lost.

Yes Val, I completely understand. Postage costs are extremely high, above that, all the work you do for the children. Let's keep the good spirit up and wait for Ronda's answer. xo

Hello all  -  I too now send parcels from France (Bretagne, for Valerie's benefit) and I paid 36 euros (or 30 English pounds) to send my last parcel.   I have a suggestion.   Could the packing slip have a new "box" on it marked "Sender's reference".   Then Valerie could put something like "JAN01", "JAN02", "JAN03" which the volunteer could (perhaps?) add to the entry on the Squares List.   Valerie could keep her own record of what each parcel contained so she would know which parcels had/had not arrived.   This would be fairly simple.   It wouldn't let everyone in the community know which country the parcel had come from, though.   I'm fascinated by the countries, having two years ago moved from England to France!    I'm sure someone will solve this issue to everyone's satisfaction.   In the meantime, love to all and keep KASing!

Hi Twinge,

Thank you for your idea. Unfortunately it should be too much work for the volunteers to fill in an extra column, however, we are preparing a solution at the moment.

This had been suggested, but refused as being too time-consuming.

I keep a very complete record of everything that is sent and therefore know which of my parcels are "missing" from last year. If we don't have a record of what is in the parcels we can't know which are missing, if any. I often send multiple parcels at the same time because I receive squares from several retirement homes in the area and have hundreds of squares and many blankets to send.

If you paid 36€, it must have been a 2 kg parcel. May I suggest that if you can, wait until you have 5 kgs to send. This costs 53,70€ and therefore works out at less per kg.



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The APRIL  2018 Squares List is available.




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