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100 Blankets - so far!

Hi  Ronda

Thank you for your email which is always warmly received.  We have recently completed and sent enough squares to complete 100 blankets and decided we should celebrate with a shared lunch together!  We had a wonderful time and the vicar came and shared grace and a prayer too for all of the children and your team and volunteers at KAS.

Then to our surprise the press turned up which resulted in a whole page spread in the local paper with photos. There is also a video on line which you will find here, click for article and video :  


 (Apologies if we didn’t quite get all the detail exactly right on the video! We didn’t have time to plan what to say but hopefully we got most of it right!)


As a result of this we have 3 new members attending the knitting club for KAS each week and several new ladies knitting from home who can’t get to us.  Another church has contacted us who have around 20 ladies attending a coffee morning and I am going to go and speak to them and help them set up a group to knit for you. ‘ Ellesse’ hairdressers are now well into knitting squares whilst the ladies are having their hair done as shared with you before and I believe you have already started to receive parcels from them.


I share all this to hopefully encourage you all that as well as the fantastic job you are doing blessing these lovely children who so desperately need our help,  you are also serving so many other folk especially the housebound who otherwise would feel of no use or purpose.


Jean and I never dreamt this would take off as it has and hoped we would manage a banket or two!  We should also say that several from the church family also continue to knit and provide money for postage so we have never as yet run dry!

The Wednesday group continue to donate each week which helps us top up postage and send occasional donations to you when we can. 


You really do such an amazing job Ronda and our love and prayers are always with you, the team, the volunteers and ‘GoGos’ and of course the children you work so hard to serve.  We love hearing all the news through ‘Snippets’ which I use to update our notice board regularly.


I have attached a few photos which I hope you can open ok and pray they will encourage you all


Lots of love


Trish, Jean and all the St Pancras Knitters

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Congratulations, ladies, this is a fantastic achievement. Thanks for another inspiring KAS story!

Hi Helen
Thank you for your comments. We have been so inspired ourselves by all your stories and comments. Hopefully i'll get used to how to do this on line soon!!
So amazing to be able to communicate in this way.

CONGRATULATIONS to you all, St Pancras Knitters!! Many Thanks!!! 

Thank you Diana!
What an encouragement you all are! I shall share this with the group on Wednesday. They will be so thrilled. Thank you too for all you do! Onwards! xx

Thanks for this lovely inspirational report and video. The spread of goodwill amongst knitters is truly heartwarming!

Thanks Leanne!
A little square on its own appears of little value but when they are all put together what a difference they make! A bit like us. We might feel so small and insignificant on our own but when we come together we make such a powerful difference!!! Team work!

You have summed up Knit-a-Square in a nutshell Trish - and the wonderful Gogos in South Africa are our co-team workers. They love the idea that squares come from around the globe with love, care and respect. They told Ronda, that until KAS came along, they didn't think the world gave a damn about the orphans - direct action really does work and is so worthwhile!

Congratulations that is a formidable achievement !!!  KAS  blesses twice, to those who give and those who need.

Marvellous. These ladies are just amazing. 100 blankets means 100 warm children.



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