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This discussion aims to give you an up-close and personal look at what happens on opening days at the Knit-a-Square barn.  I'm a partially-sighted volunteer who who attends with my guide dog Tango and my driver Bongi, who has also become a keen volunteer.  While everyone else opens parcels, sorts squares and packs items ready for distribution, I listen and take mental notes so I can pass on something of the atmosphere on the ground.  Enjoy!

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Hi Christine, and thanks for your appreciative comments. No, I'm not referring to completed blankets, these are always a joy to receive because they are usually beautifully put together and edged. I don't even mean to suggest that we don't want the hats, hand-warmers and toys. There just seems to have been a patch where less squares have come in. Not something to worry excessively about, but worth noting for the record because it is so unusual.

Like you, Christine, I started making complete blankets at that time and for that reason and then found I really enjoyed planning the design and making them up. I try to make a variety of items to send but certainly never envisaged that squares would be something there would be a shortage of. I have a simple square on my hook at the moment - looks like that should be my plan for the time being!

I also will make some squares to use up my bits and bobs of yarn before I make my next blanket. I enjoy making blankets, so I'm glad that they are still wanted :))

I am imagining that it is just the ebb and flow of the arrival of different types of parcels at different times. We began the year with an appeal for toys and handwarmers and so folk probably focused on them and a lot of those contributions would be arriving March to May, especially from those countries who still do seamail. No doubt squares/blankets will be arriving in abundance soon and more toys/handwarmers will be needed....lol. It always seems to be a balancing act.  :))

Thank you for this week's report, Leanne. So generous of you to still provide us with 'the latest', even when you can't be there.  xo 

I have a lot of squares and completed blankets to send off. It's basically a question of getting everything packaged and finding the money for postage. 

The May numbers will surely be way up with all the wonderful parcels that arrived this week.



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