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This discussion aims to give you an up-close and personal look at what happens on opening days at the Knit-a-Square barn.  I'm a partially-sighted volunteer who who attends with my guide dog Tango and my driver Bongi, who has also become a keen volunteer.  While everyone else opens parcels, sorts squares and packs items ready for distribution, I listen and take mental notes so I can pass on something of the atmosphere on the ground.  Enjoy!

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Thank you Leanne, for bringing us all together in such a special way.

Thomas, you are a gift. A gift to KAS and we love you for being there. 


Thank you so much for giving us important background information on Thomas.

Glad that there are 500 blankets waiting to be collected for distributions, more on the way in shipments, I am sure.

You and all the volunteers please stay warm.  Wish I had some of that chilly weather here.  Summer heat of Texas is turned on full blast at the moment.

Thank you Leanne that was a great report. Happy to hear that 500 blankets are expected soon. I'm crossing paws like Wendy that the completed one I sent a few weeks ago arrives quickly! 

Here in the UK we are into our 3rd week of unexpected heatwave - however, we all know the rigours the children are facing and very much appreciate your description and the letter of thanks. Thank you for sharing more with regard Thomas - hopefully, we can provide him with a weekly stipend to ensure that we retain his kind services and support. Thanks Leanne, it gives us a clear idea of what the team are dealing with.

Thank you for another fabulous, informative report, Leanne. I loved reading of Thomas and all he is doing for Ronda and KAS and then the experiences of the 'visitors' to the barn.

You are a Godsend, dear Leanne !  We love having you and Bongi and Tango in the KASbarn every 2 weeks and your enthusiasm renews our own each time !  Thank you so much for always being warm and kind and interested xoxoxo

Thank you Leanne for your heartwarming and comprehensive report. I knew Thomas is needed for the parcels and driving and making photos, but what I wasn't aware of is that he is doing a lot more! He really can't be missed! So good to be informed by you about what's going on at the KAS Barn, love to read about all the volunteers and the activities, thank you so much.


Your reports from the KAS barn are invaluable, Leanne. It's so important for all of us who are far from SA to be able to read about what happens there, the good things and the less enjoyabl aspects from time to time. Your account of Thomas's contribution to KAS was very enlightening. He has become a pillar helping to keep KAS upright.

Thank you for your marvellous accounts.

Thank you Leanne for your much appreciated report, sharing with us 'life in the KAS barn'. Thomas is clearly is an invaluable member of the wonderful team, thank you Thomas for all that you do; and thanks of course to all the KAS barn family.



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