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This discussion aims to give you an up-close and personal look at what happens on opening days at the Knit-a-Square barn.  I'm a partially-sighted volunteer who who attends with my guide dog Tango and my driver Bongi, who has also become a keen volunteer.  While everyone else opens parcels, sorts squares and packs items ready for distribution, I listen and take mental notes so I can pass on something of the atmosphere on the ground.  Enjoy!

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Small donation made through the donate button. I might go "shopping" later in the month. It is so much fun to purchase through the KAS shop !

As always Leanne,  an excellent read - the report keeps everyone in the loop and at the heart of KAS! Thank you.

As explained previously, there was no opening day last week because of a lack of funds in the bank account to pay for fuel, the transport  of the Soweto volunteers and  tea. Thanks to the generosity of many members, donations have come in to help the situation. Things were still tight on Tuesday when I spoke to Ronda as Paypal had not yet released the funds into the Knit-a-Square account, but we are at least assured of their imminent arrival.

You will remember that we had a couple of really big batches of squares delivered to us from local schools over the winter. They came from the British International School and St Stithian's College. These batches helped keep us busy when the postal strike was on. Anyway, I learnt today that one of our newer volunteers, Liz, has four grandchildren at St Stithian's, which is how she came to know about Knit-a-Square. Four years ago, when the children were in primary school, she began knitting squares to help with the school's campaign, then, when the girls advanced to the high school and began knitting themselves, liz got in touch with Ronda to see how she could get more involved. She began collecting blanket packs of squares to sew up at home, helped by her sister, Patricia, who crochets borders around the edges.

Recently, Liz took a decision to start coming in to the barn for opening days. She enjoys the company of the other volunteers and is currently working on attaching the new labels onto blankets in preparation for distributions. I asked her what appeals to her most about working on the blankets; did she appreciate the blend of colours or the mixture of textures, for example?

She was quite definite about her response. "No, what really excites me is thinking about the children who will receive the blankets. I used to be a teacher, you see, so the children are really important to me. When I'm sewing up a blanket or attaching a label, I'm always imagining the child who will receive it and how he or she will feel."

Among the completed blankets that came in yesterday were some lovely Christmas ones. I gather Christmas was a theme a while back, and the volunteers were careful to pick out the Christmas trees, candles and stars, as well as appropriately-coloured plain squares [mostly red and green] to go with them. The Christmas blankets are all being kept aside for a special distribution, probably a Christmas in July as December is really too hot for handing out knitted items. We did a Christmas in July once before and it was very successful.

Speaking of themes, the moderators asked the volunteers to come up with some new ideas, so we ran a sort of brainstorming session. The ideas ranged from Star Wars and Frozen, the movie, to traditional African cookware and seasonal fruit and flowers. I know these sound challenging, but listening to podcasts by mothers of young children, I've become aware that the internet offers a virtually endless supply of new and topical designs. What is more, clever knitters are able to create their own designs by converting images into stitch charts. Many novel designs can be found on Ravelry, Knitty and other crafty websites. The great thing is, a blanket comprising 35 squares only needs a couple of unusual squares to make it distinctive and special, so whether members contribute intricate designs or plain-coloured squares that tie into the theme, the result is something to be treasured.

As for the postal strike, it is a dim memory but the effects are still evident. There was a small collection of parcels from the post office on Monday and the postmaster admitted to Ronda that there are still many parcels and letters from the time of the strike awaiting sorting at the central depot near the airport. He was concerned that there is little time for these to be sorted and dispatched before the flood of Christmas mail begins to arrive. We are trusting that the backlog will be quickly cleared and that any packages intended for us will safely reach their destination before the year is out.

We are still receiving many parcels without adequate details from the sender and want to ask members to please use the packing slip provided on the website. The packing slip contains an area for you to fill in how many squares, toys, hats, etcetera, you are sending, as well as fields for your name, email address and country of origin. These details are important to us, not only for record purposes, but so we can contact you directly with answers to questions and, occasionally, questions about what you have sent. If you want to include a message, there is a place on the packing slip for that too. Most importantly, the packing slip includes a cut-off section with the Knit-a-Square address clearly printed on it, together with a message to the post office indicating that the contents of the parcel are intended for charity and ought not to incur taxes or tariffs.

Finally, it seems that the Knit-a-Square song is getting some love on Facebook! Thanks to everyone who has shared it and brought it back to our attention. For those who have not seen it before, please visit the Facebook page or YouTube channel and take a look. Credit for the song goes to Gloria Grandy's brother, of course, and it is truly a delightful, catchy tune!

Another marvelous update Leanne.  

Thanks so much.

Thanks so much Leanne, another delightful read !

Crossing paws that the funds are enough and the backlog is worked through before xmas!



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