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[Winston,the G4S driver,and Ronda discuss how many squares will fit in the KASvan]    

Look at the space!  

               There’s room for 9,250 squares.  Let’s help Ronda fill it.

Over the next 16 weeks we will be running a drive [pun intended] to pack the KASvan with squares.

As you finish a square(s), even those for other challenges, add the number to the tally in this challenge.  Also, Plain Janes won’t go amiss!   The more squares we make the happier Ronda will be, as she drives the KASvan, taking warm blankets to the children.

Squares will be recorded until 16 September.  6 October 

The KASvan was filled on September 12 

Want to do more?

Don’t have time to make squares for the KASvan but would still like to help? 

Visit The Square Shop and purchase fuel for the KASvan.


We filled the KASvan for the 1st time after only 9 weeks of counting.

 Now we are gathering squares for a second filling.  The KASvan is now full for a second time !   Thank you to everyone who participated.

Sharon(Aus) has provided us with a beautiful representation of our achieved goal. Her crocheted version of the graph is a perfect way to represent the challenge.  Thanks Sharon !

To thank you for your generous participation, I purchased fuel for the KASvan.  With the KASvan full of blankets, its fuel tank needs to be full of petrol/gasoline to get those blankets to the needy children.  We don’t want Ronda stuck on the side of the road…again !!  

Mary(UK) has purchased snacks to be given to the children when they receive their blankets. Thanks Mary !


NOTE:  Although we will stop recording squares when the drive is over, we will continue to make and send squares.   Millions of children in South Africa need blankets.  With our squares, Ronda and team continue to fulfill the KAS mission to provide warmth and hope to vulnerable and orphaned children.


                                          Click here to read about G4S Cash Solutions’ generous donation.

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It's great to know that the Creighton group put the total over the top but this is only because others contributed ahead of what we were able to count today. We all can feel proud of this effort and happy to think of the children who will benefit.

Regards to all contributors,


Definitely Diane, it was the wonderful contribution of the knitters and crocheters who filled the KASvan.  Your group just happened to be lucky enough to add the last few squares :-)

Well said Diane - what an amazing effort! Just think 18500 squares in 16 weeks!

It is a marvellous total isn't it Sue !  

Because Diane's group added more than we needed, the actual total is 18,579 squares.  A simply wonderful total. Ronda and the South African team will be thrilled to know that the squares from this challenge will be/are on their way to warm cold children.

These giraffes are jumping for joy !   We’ve filled the KASvan in record time !!

I can’t believe we filled Ronda’s KASvan in 16 weeks and it was filled twice !!

It has been fun to see the squares pile up and up to fill Ronda’s KASvan.  Now the squares will be turned into blankets to keep cold children warm. 

The final total is 18,579 squares or 530 blankets.


Amazing I am so proud to have been a part of this . Do we keep on making squares ? 

Thanks to you and the others we were able to fill Ronda's KASvan in record time !  We will keep on making squares but we won't record them here Jackie.   

.....I jump for joy too!!!!! :)))


Go Giraffes!!! good job everyone

Just imagine the South African team when they receive all these squares !!

To thank you for your generous participation, I purchased fuel for the KASvan.  With the KASvan full of blankets, its fuel tank needs to be full of petrol/gasoline to get those blankets to the needy children.  We don’t want Ronda stuck on the side of the road…again !!




Thanks to the dedication of the volunteers, the total of 18,684 squares is the second highest for 2014.   This is a fantastic feat considering the last two Thursdays of December were holidays [Christmas and New Year’s Day] 

The S.A. team will not receive parcels in the order sent and is still attempting to clear the backlog. Please be patient and watch the Squares Lists for your name. 

If your parcel is not on this list, it will be on the next one or even the one after that !

The December 2014 Squares List is available on www.knit-a-square.com “Received Squares”

Graphs for Squares, Hats and Tops are here

Please include the Packing Slip in your parcel to help the team with recording.


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This photo shows some excellent vests with good body length and generous armholes.  We are recommending having armholes 1/3, side seam 2/3 of total body length. 

To read more go to : 

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