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This photographic album will provide a record of blankets made up from the lovingly created squares sent to South Africa from all corners of the globe.  Various groups have laboured in SA to join the squares together to form these wonderfully warm blankets for the children to sleep under and to be used as wrap-round coats during the cold winter days. 

The beauty of all this wonderfully generous work is that one square can be can be stitched together on four sides by squares made by members from many different countries - clearly demonstrating the caring capacity of people who work with yarn!


Once the first 95 blankets are posted, I'll go through the records and add others that have been created from members squares. Due to the passage in time it won't be possible to date all of these blankets, however, having recognised some squares from earlier in the year it is likely that 1 - 95 were posted to South Africa this year!


As requested, here is a little bit about Lorinda from Ronda : Lorinda is a new contact in South Africa (about 3 months ago) and discovered KAS on the web whilst working with projects through her church outreach - aimed at reaching out to orphaned and vulnerable children in the Sabie area. Lorinda said she would love to have some KAS items to distribute on our behalf.  

Sabie is a small town on the Sabie River in Mpumulanga Province, which is in the east of the country and close to Kruger National Park - about 3.5 hours from Johannesburg by road.  Sabie is close to a very large area named Bushbuckridge which is extremely poor and in which there are large squatter settlements.

Lorinda started off with some squares and a few beanies, but has since managed to arrange, on two occasions, for people from Sabie visiting Johannesburg, to collect beanies &  jerseys and more squares. The team is working like a Trojan - as we can all see from the first 41 blankets!

Ronda commented that it is wonderful when people are enthusiastic and you can see that they are on the same page.....and of course, it's lovely to spread the joy into other provinces of South Africa!

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Despite developing a flu-type cold, Ronda managed to give a long-standing talk for the members of the Benoni Rotary Club - supported by occasional prompts from Erin!  Below are some of the blankets that were taken to illustrate the talk.  Ronda also took a supply of beanies which Yvonne (known as Mrs. Beanie!) gives to the Salvation Army along with blankets at the gate for homeless people who come at night seeking some warmth.  KAS supplied the Salvation Army with 15 blankets a few months ago!

Wow what spectacular blankets!  I see several of my squares in the third from the top - racoon, bird of pardise flower,shamrock, butterfly and my skunk!!  I'm so excited to see them.

That's wonderful, Anne - really exciting isn't it!

Beautiful blankets.  I especially like the 4th one from the top, such lovely bright colours and visually outstanding patterns in the squares, a real visual feast of colour!

Looks like the 1st and 5th blankets might be felted?  I love the pictures on them.

They really are spectacular and I love the yarn bombing transformation. There are going to be some very lucky children in SA.

That 4th picture reminds me of legos.

I was thinking of Mondarian

I love the felted blanket. It's spectacular.

So great of Ronda to make it to the presentation despite feeling under the weather. Nice that Erin was with her!

I'm really glad to know that there's a place where all good beanies go to give warmth to cold heads - the Salvation Army! I am ADDICTED to making beanies, and simply can't stop making them. Good to know they can be of help and comfort to someone.


I'm like you. I love making hats and I've just been given some really thick yarn. It'll be gret for beanies.

More recent pics of newly prepared blankets ready for distribution :

So much warmth ready to be distributed where needed.



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