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To members of the U.S. Forum:

If you have not been to our Forum group page recently, please read there about our new fundraising drive to raise money for chairs and tables for the very impoverished Nancefield crèche in SA.

This crèche is housed in an abandoned gym with concrete floor and dingy, painted brick walls.  The children have nothing to sit on and no supplies to work with or toys to play with.  The teacher is trying to keep these children safe during the day when their caregivers drop them off, but she is working in the midst of terrible conditions. (Please see the latest Nancefield pictures in the Photos section.)

Our drive will continue until Sept. 21.  Please join us in donating to help the children.  Information for donating is on the U.S. Group's site.  There is no set amount.  Any amount is welcome.

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Helen, this is a wonderful initiative! You Americans are really good at this fundraising thing as we have seen from your past efforts to sponsor creches.  I am sure this one will be every bit as successful.

I would encourage everyone on the forum to drop in on the US Group and read about this drive. 

As you said there,  "I do need to mention that we can only take donations from U.S. members because of the prohibitive bank exchange charges on foreign donations."

While those of us in other countries cannot contribute financially, we can follow your progress and cheer you on.

What makes this drive so special is that every penny you collect will go directly to the Nancefield Creche

Our September Challenge - EDUCATION - starts tomorrow, and I am hoping we will see lots of slip-ins of educational materials and purchases of reams of paper from the Shop.  I am quite sure that some of these things will be taken to Nancefield where the need is so great.

I hope you will drop back in to this discussion and keep us all updated on your progress, so that those of us who forget to check the US Group over the next few weeks, will know how it is going.

Good luck with your drive. GO - USA - GO!

Anne, educational slipins for Nancefield are a wonderful idea.  The children certainly have nothing like that now.

They can  use anything educational.  Indeed, the need for everything is very great. 

The address for sending checks is on the Forum site. 

Please check the Nancefield pictures on the Photos site to see how dreadfully bare and dreary the crèche looks now.


I am hoping to hear of another donation drop off of blankets, hats, vests and toys really soon there.  As you say, the need is so great. Thanks for letting us peek in to see all that is going on.  I'm so glad you are taking up caring for Nancefield!  Bravo my American neighbors!

The address for sending donations is in the Discussion section on the U.S. Forum page.  Please dig deep and donate.

The children are existing in such deplorable conditions.

Temps in Johannesburg still falling into the 30'sF at night.  Nancefield gym is still a very cold place.  No warm spring winds yet for the children.  Please donate so they will have tables and chairs.  Many thanks.

Tie a string around your finger and remember to send a check today to help the Nancefield children!

   Please remember your Nancefield donation today.  Our drive continues until Sept. 21.

Just adding a message to keep you visible

We are urging all the members of the U.S. Forum group to please check your email settings on your Forum page and make sure they indicate you can receive the "Message to the Entire Group."  We have been unable to reach all our members to give them information about our fund-raising efforts because of their email settings.

If you have not already done so, please read about our fund-raising efforts to raise needed funds to buy chairs and tables for an impoverished crèche called Nancefield.   Information is on the group site.

I am so excited about this fund raiser! It is one more way to have a direct impact on the children who are suffering! Thanks again Helen, for getting the ball rolling on this project!!



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