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Just for clarity, and, further to the latest message in Report from South Africahttp://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/the-tiny-othandweni-day...

Here is an outline of what the team are dealing with in regard to courier services.

Currently Ronda & Wendy are dealing with two parcels from Fedex - they are asking for Rand400 PER PARCELS to release ! This amount runs to $36.50 or £23.50 per parcel and will be taking valuable resources from KAS!

Although the team have completed forms declaring a minimal value for the items, the handling fees and VAT still amount to the figures they want to charge. Wendy is trying to negotiate.

Eventually Knit-a-Square hopes to become registered as a non-taxable entity with SARs, then it will become affordable to accept courier parcels. We may even be able to have a special address for deliveries of courier parcels, as currently, they cannot deliver to a PO Box number.

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Pam, thanks for alerting us to the problem.  

Pam is there any way we can help offset these costs when they suddenly turn up like this? I don't mean send more packages by courier, I mean can we help financially if they are truly stuck right now, while sending out the message to NOT courier parcels to SA?  Just wondering.  Thanks, love, Jeanne

The problem is that our warm and kind hearted members are probably concerned that the children will be deprived and have decided to fast track their parcels to SA.  Until we get SARs certification (hopefully next year), KAS will always get charges, but the courier service charges are simply too much bearing in mind the cost of the parcel content. $35 per parcel could buy a substantial amount in SA instead of handing it over to the customs services!  Wendy is trying to negotiate a deal to get these 2 parcels released, but we don't want to get into a situation whereby all Wendy's valuable time and skills are tied up with the couriers. 

Members needn't worry, KAS experienced a similar lengthy strike in the early years. Currently, there are a lot of parcels backed-up in the pipeline, plus parcels sent from the UK & Australia, by sea mail in the past 8 weeks, will be arriving very shortly. The USA has to send everything by airmail, so their goodies won't take too long to arrive.

The postal strike involves 3 unions, 2 of whom have settled, but the CWU is still holding out! 

Hi I am just about to send two boxes via Border Shipping, (via shipping container) they are being picked up tomorrow Last time I sent two boxes, I e:mailed Gina at KAS to let me know if there were any extras to pay when they got them, and just, paid the amount 200R about £12.00 as a donation back to KAS.  Easy really when you think about it and it cost KAS nothing.  Just a thought to pass on.  PS. it works out a lot cheaper for me two send 2 boxes (minimum amount you can send) than sending a parcel every month and I can send up to 30Kg per box. 

Very good idea Ute.

Is there any updated news regarding shipping via DHL? Most of these posts are from 2014 so I was wondering if there had been any changes to this status. My daughters' school has finished knitting 500+ squares and DHL has graciously offered to cover the shipping for us. But after reading these posts, that may cause issues. I saw that someone donated back the extra fees that resulted. Is there a way to understand these and possibly do this? Thanks for any help you can offer. We do not want to make this painful on your end and the students and our school community are so excited to mail these squares.

Hi Krista.

I will email admin with your question. However, if they are not able to give a definitive answer, you may have to hold off until after 19th June when Ronda (in South Africa) will be available again.

A huge Thank you to all who have participated in completing all the squares. They will be much appreciated.  :))

Thanks Bev...I also emailed Sandy McDonald and someone is smiling on me because she has (her Aunt) Ronda there visiting and is going to ask her....hurray. You are all so helpful.

That is good news, Krista. 

I didn't know she was over here in Oz....what a shame I am on the other side of 'the island'......lol.




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Postal costs for incoming parcels has risen alarmingly since mid-April
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