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For the past few years, I have had a basket of knitting and crocheting supplies in the waiting room of my chiropractor's office. Dr. Krimmel and her staff have been kind enough to encourage their patients to knit or crochet while they wait for their appointment. There have been many squares made by group effort and several people have joined KAS because of this experience. As you can see, the basket has needles and yarn and rulers and information. Whenever I go for my appointment, I collect any completed squares and include them with the ones I am sending that month. Perhaps you can put a basket in an office near you? Just another way to spread the word about Knit-a-Square!

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What a great idea Debbie!  Have you gotten many squares?

Yes, a steady stream of 2-3 per month. But, more importantly, several people have taken up sending the squares off themselves. And who knows how many people those people have "infected" with the KAS bug!!
How great! I know, knitting squares is surprisingly addictive!

Well done Debbie, a simple way for people to pass their waiting time - especially if the therapist is running late!

Good news - I asked my eye doctor if I could place a basket in their office, and the receptionist was very receptive and mentioned that alot of the employee's knitted. She said she'd bring it up at the next staff meeting...Hope they say yes!!!

Hurray! Good for you, Cherry,  for taking the time to ask. I hope they agree to let you put a basket in the office. Let us know how it goes and post a photo!

Sorry I'm so late in updated, but unfortunately they said no in a round about way. Anyway I have a few ideas for other places that might take a basket. Felt like I should tell you what happened ;)

Perhaps you have made a few new members just by introducing the KAS idea to them! Let us know if you find another receptive reception room!

yesterday  I was on twitter ( @fatblackcatspaw) and ended up chatting to a woman tho organised a large yarn bombing on the Isle of Arran but she's going to look out suitable squares to send to KAS and though our exchange got KAS's details to a local knitting group. 

This basket is still in place and is being refilled with yarn by several other patients. Recently, a woman brought in a crochet hook and now patients are crocheting squares, too. There was a young boy knitting one day when I was there. He learned to knit at the local Waldorf school. A blind, handicapped woman heard me talking about KAS and wanted to know how she could help. She said she'd learned to weave on a potholder loom when she was a girl and so we searched for a suitable size loom and loops and Dr. Krimmel gifted her the supplies and she is weaving squares!

I can't wait to see the woven squares! How fantastic is that to have someone willing to help in anyway they can, and what a treat they will introducing a completely different texture into a blanket.

For what it's worth, I keep easy knitting for when I go to cafes to drink tea and put the world to rights with my friends.  It's usually 8" garter stitch squares.   Also for knitting on the bus..........x



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