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I thought this might be helpful for new members.

These are the current rates from Canada Post for postage to South Africa.  I’m assuming the rates are comparable across the country.

The rates are for small packet (dimensions no more than 90 cm)

and sent by surface mail.  The parcel will arrive in 4-6 weeks.

No need to send by air mail as parcels are arriving all the time.

Rates for 2014:

500g $11.71
1kg $19.90
1.5kg $25.52
2kg $31.14

Anything above small packet rates becomes very expensive .

Helpful tools to have:

Small scale

Measuring tape

Please read the checklist before wrapping your parcel.


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The importance of a scale to weigh at home, and going to the Post Office when it is NOT busy cannot be overstated.  I paid the 1 kg rate recently for a package just 4/1000's over...it was .504grams instead of .500 !! Will not do THAT again! :P

I really agree with both of you.  It is very frustrating to get there and have to open the package to remove 6-8 squares.

I also think that the 2kg is the best way to go.

Fortunately the rates are still the same.  They won't go up until next January (we hope !)

The 2013 rate for a 2 kg parcel is $30.23.

thanks for the update Linda, that is very helpful when hunting for money to send a package.

The 2014 rates come into effect on January 13th.  According to Canada Post, the new rate will be an average of 3.1% higher than 2013 !   I'm going to be sending a few parcels pdq.

Thanks for the heads-up, Linda.  Guess I'd better get some in the mail as well :))

I've updated the postage rates for 2014....better late than never :-)

It is still cheaper to send a parcel weighing almost 2 kg than a smaller parcel.  But some people prefer to send smaller parcels.

Please read the checklist before sending [see intro above]



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