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Hello All, I was just wondering if there are KASer's near Gold Coast, Brisbane or even Northern New South Wales that wanted to meet up & knit/crochet together at some time. I live on the Gold Coast so I am in between either of the other 2 other places. Could be a monthly thing or whatever really, may even be able to do a bit of fundraising to pay for postage or to purchase items for the gogo's......Would be nice to meet with fellow KASer's.......Nicole

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That is a good idea Nicole. If you go to the members link at the top of the page you will see all the members and where they live. That will be a good back up plan if you do not get hoped for responses here.  Maudie

Oh thanks for that Maudie, I'll keep that in mind.

You may also like to put this enquiry  in the general discussions, Nicole, because I am thinking that not all Aussie members  on THE FORUM are  also members of the Aussie/NZ group.  :))

That sounds good Bev, where do I find general discussions?.....

Hi Nicole.

If you click on the 'Discussion Categories' tab at the top of this page and then scroll down that page until you come to 'KASCafe', click on the 'add' box on the right hand side of that page, and type in your request, it should end up where everyone in the forum can see it, whether they are a member of our group or just a member of the general forum.

Ok, thanks Bev, will post it there now.....Ta

Hi Everone & fellow unside downers :-) I was just wondering if anyone could please share their method/way of sending their squares to KAS i.e Indivually, within groups etc as I was reading a couple of messages regarding costs WOW it looks pretty expensive so not sure the best way to do things especially as I am frantically doing squares I am thinking it is maybe not a good idea to save them all up? Does anybody do the amount for a complete blanket and then post? Or post 5 or 6? ANY shared info would be much appreciated ~ Thankyou & greetings from a currently warm & sunny 20 deg Wollongong :-) ( Not been here long but LOVING being part of it)

Hi Chrissie. I post about 95-100 at a time as it is cheaper after 2Kg which is expensive. If you look on the postage link you will see the Aust. costs My last one was $59.15 for 3K.350g so just under 3.5K.

So sorry everyone still finding my way & sorry Nicole I think I posted on your message Durrrrrrrrrrrr a blonde/granny moment :-( I found the info required on the postage disscussion page looks like it all depends on weight from our end!



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