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Hi all,

I have had permission from Pam, one of the coordinators to do this before I say anything else :)

I am only 26 but, I would like to start a crochet community in NZ for the patients in the mental health system. I would like others to help me make crochet blankets for them to help aid with their recovery using sensory and comfort for example; cuddling the blanket when they are low/depressed/lonely, etc.

I will be honest here and say that I have been a patient in the Mental Health Hospitals in Christchurch, I am not a nurse. I am a consumer.

I have found that when I was a consumer some family and friends were supportive but, probably not as many as I would have liked and occasionally I would feel left out because others in the community would leave me out.

This is our chance to show the mental health community that someone out there cares about them. I know from being in the system so many people have asked me for handmade items for comforting and at the time I said no but, only because I could not do it on my own.

It is just an idea at this point in time as I feel that everything might be quite overwhelming.

I live in Christchurch, NZ.

Email me if you have any questions/offers, etc.


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Christina all the best for your venture. Maudie in Tassie.

Christian of course we would help do you hae wool to start your project

Hi again Christina, so glad you took the courage to join us and express your desire to start a group to help the recovery of people in the New Zealand mental health system.  I hope you had a chance to look at Stitchlinks.com as Betsan has worked for years in this field of helping people to rediscover their mental and physical health through the solace of knitting & crocheting.  We all wish you well with taking the steps to encourage others and perhaps start teaching some of the patients who would benefit from learning to knit. Hopefully, by creating a square and seeing the photographs of the children wearing blankets, they will feel valued and their self-esteem raised.

The best approach is to take small steps and tackle things in bite sized chunks - do not attempt to do too much quickly. A group can easily start with two people!  



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