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Hi I am in Sydney's inner west and I have 77 squares that I have been sitting on for about a year as I don't have the finances to send them on.  I'd be happy for someone to take them.  A lot of the yarn was donated for charity knitting so I really want to make sure they end up in the right hands :-)

The yarn is mostly 100% wool or a high wool blend for fire resistance, although there is some acrylic as well.

Please let me know if you would like them.  You can pick up from me or I can drop off in near the inner west.

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Hi Allison
I am happy to take your squares. I can post some to Knit a Square by sea mail. My son is also planning on going to South Africa later this year so I could send them with him and he can post them in Johannesburg. I'm in Cremorne but happy to collect from you.

that would be amazing!  I will inbox you with my details :-)

Gorgeous squares, Allison....and thank you for your contribution.

Thank you Susan for offering to take them and ensuring they get there.

Allison, if you could tell me how many here are variegated I can add them to the April theme...as we are keeping a tally of sorts, of the variegated squares posted in the forum during this month. Thanks.  :))

HI Bev,

I hope the squares are ok!  I am not a great knitter or crocheter but I'm getting better.

There are 35 variegated squares :-)

Thank you, Allison. 

Not sure how much of the forum you have checked out....but I will gratefully add a pic of your squares and the number of squares that are variegated.....and you may like to check it out at some stage as I am sure there will be many replies to your fabulous effort and gorgeous squares.  :))




I can take a pic of just the variegated ones if you like :-)

No probs, Allison....already posted them....wanted to let everyone see your total fabulous effort. You may like to post the above pic in the photo section, if you haven't already done so, so that people who have not viewed the April theme or your discussion can see them. If you don't know how to put them in the 'photo' section, just click on the 'photo' tab at the top of the page and follow the prompts. Thanks again....and I think your knitting/crocheting skills are TOPS!!!!

The squares have been collected Susan!  Thank you so much.

I found two more in my stash so that brings the total to 79, with 37 being variegated for this month's challenge.

Thank you Allison. I will add your two 'extras' ......every one counts.......to our tally.  :))

Yay Susan, for being so prompt.  :))

I have just knitted a ribbed square using the cast on 30 instructions but its only 6 inches wide. Do they stretch to 8 inches when sewing or should I cast on more stitches?

I am not sure which pattern you are referring to, Allison. I tend to use a lot more stitches than that as I have a rather firm tension. I'm thinking it would also rely on the ply of yarn used. I would think to only have it 6" wide at the moment is going to mean a rather stretched square to make it 8" and that when sewn into a blanket with 34 others may pull that part of the blanket out of shape, just a bit.....maybe someone else may have some better advice...sorry.  :))

You could send it and if they (the team in South Africa) don't think it will stretch ok, they will crochet around it to a bigger size.....they are very good at 'upsizing' squares.



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