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I made a ball after following the link on the LoomaHat (very good) website to http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/loomed-ball.html and I posted a photo of it in the September Challenge discussion.  It got a really positive response from other Forum members, who comment that a ball is a good educational toy, so I thought I would flag it up here too.  All you loom knitters will be able to make a ball like this in well under an hour, just like I did!  I would recommend using self-multi-coloured yarn, or two strands of different colours, because if you do, you won't "read" the sewing up of the bottom of the ball in particular.  

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I'm only getting into looming now and this is a super pattern!  I am definitely giving this one a good go the moment I'm finished with the navy scarves challenge.  I'd love to send some balls to Africa!

What I like best about this is that a polyester stuffed ball is lightweight and easy to mail, ie. not expensive. It might not bounce but it can be tossed and rolled!

How many rows did you do to avoid making a sausage instead of a ball?

Sorry for my continued absence from Forum discussions - I am still very involved in the care of two family members who became ill a while back. Re the loom-knit ball, I know that I have close-up photos of the balls I made which would enable me to count up the number of rows I did, but they are on my old computer, so I will have a search and get back to you when I've found them. I basically worked as if I was making a hat, but sewed up both ends which created the ball shape. All the very best, Lucy
Having checked on my old computer, I believe I did somewhere between 15 and 20 rows, using the "2 wrap over 1 wrap" method of creating each row (to make it thick enough so the filling didn't come through). To get the basic shape, I followed a brimless hat pattern like Denise demonstrates in the following YouTube video, and left a "tail' at least 6 inches long when I was casting on so that I could sew up the "open" end of the hat once I had put the filling in.


Hope this helps.

Best wishes, Lucy



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