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The cost of shipping within the US is not that much cheaper then shipping your squares directly to KAS in South Africa.

But if you're not comfortable with international shipping, you live in the US and you are a member of this group, you can mail them to Florida and your squares will hitch a ride with mine. Send me a message with your personal email to denise@loomahat.com

Where to Send Directly

All squares should be securely packaged up and posted to:

Private Bag X900,
PO Bryanston 2021, South Africa

Please make sure that you clearly label the package as "No Commercial Value" and "For Charity Only". If it is practical for you, try to use soft-sided packaging rather than boxes (as boxes attract a small additional postage duty,) and try to use packaging which can be easily recycled. Brown packing paper is great! It's okay if you need to use boxes or other forms of packaging though, so don't worry if that's all you have available. Inside your package, please try to include a slip of paper with your name, your country of origin, and a list of what your package contains. This slip of paper makes it easier for the South African team to keep track of which packages they've opened for the square lists.


For more info: Click Here

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This is a very generous offer, Denise. If word gets out, you will be deluged with squares!

The offer is only made to members of this group and you have to email me in order to get the address. .. can't make the offer to easy - I'll get deluged like my friends here in Florida ... I heard the stories.. :)

LOL!  You're lucky I'm in Canada Denise.  Seriously how kind to offer.  A friend in England, Ute, has a deal with a shipping container company and every few months she can send larger packages via one of their shipping containers, they tuck it in a corner somewhere. She gets donations from all over the UK, groups etc. so it works for her.  I just send out my trusty little parcels via seamail.  The last one...2 scarves and 6 squares, all loomed, only cost me $11 postage which is great and within my budget!

How do we ship to you and where? If i go with shippintment to you at least because I know you will end it in its locaton.

Hi Gina, I'm not currently collecting squares - you would need to send them directly to KAS

Private Bag X900,
PO Bryanston 2021, South Africa



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Postal costs for incoming parcels has risen alarmingly since mid-April
because of a new rule that ALL overseas parcels attract the customary
handling fee and that has been increased to R51.50 PER PARCEL[$3.74USD].
for June figures click :

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