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Hi to all in Scotland. I am actually cheating by joining as I am a Scot who has lived in Cornwall for 23 years but having been brought up in Glasgow and still having family living there I thought I would qualify and I do love to read about all the familiar places and get ideas for woolgathering on my next visit!

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That's not a problem, welcome to the forum.


I am originally from Inverness, and have lived both in England and South Africa but returned to Fife about 8 years ago, and we love it here.   I've been to cornwall too, such a lovely part of the UK.


What are you knitting at the moment ?


I've several projects on the go.

Hi Jayne, thank you for the welcome. Apart from squares of course, I am knitting hats for the Innocent  Help the Aged campaign (nearly 40 to be posted at the weekend), a beret in Crofter, a jacket for myself in Sirdar denim chunky, a crochet blanket with floral squares(from a Jan Eaton book) a cardigan nearly finished for my 3 month old grand daughter ........as you can gather I too tend to have lots of projects on the go at one time, though I am being very good about finishing things at the moment! I work fulltime nights as a nurse in a high dependency elderly care unit and I sometimes get time at work to knit/crochet (though sometimes I have to undo all I have done when I look at it in daylight!) My father was originally from Edinburgh but I don't know Fife as well as the west coast-whereabouts are you? I love living in Cornwall and walk on the SW Coastal Path a lot but I still miss the mountains, particularly at this time of the year.

Hi Charis


Fife is the dog shaped bit of the uk - we are in Glenrothes which is a fairly new town, it was built for the miners originally, how it provides housing for people travelling to work in Edinburgh.

We have a beautiful coastline called the East Neuk, and if you ever venture up here, it's worth a look.  St. Andrews beach is our favourite as the beach is huge and you can walk for miles on it.

We have a lot of Golf tournaments up here, every year and of course the RAF Air show, as we have a RAF base near us, although they will be moving out in a year or so due to a MOD decision.

I am a member of the Kirkcaldy Knitclub and we knit for ourselves and lots of charities, both in the UK and overseas, including Knit-a-Square.  We recently donated over 100 pairs of new socks for their latest appeal.

I have 3 children aged from 17 to 11 and a beagle.  I work part time at our local Barnado's as a volunteer, I am an Avon Rep and I also run a small leaflet distribution company, all this keeps me on the go.

I am knitting a hat for myself and a crocheted scarf, a hat for charity, squares for a dog blanket - we are collecting blankets to give to our local Pet Rehoming Centre.  I have a couple of things to sew up before we hand our items in for the next postal run.

We live on a hill which leads you to the East Lomond Hill - which is a good climb, I've not done it all but my son often does it.  It's nothing like Ben Nevis though :)






They have lovely yarns in the store called Rejects in Kirckaldy.  Definitely worth a visit as their Xmas stuff is in-store now.  Got lots Fabrics too.  I was there yesterday and going back soon.
Sounds good




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