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Hi  all - I was just having a quick flick through the Edinburgh festival guide and the Soweto Gospel Choir are performing at the Assemby Hall from 6th August to 30th August.  It's only an hour show starting at 5.30 and costs £19 for the most expensive performances.  Anybody interested?  www.assemblyfestival.com for further info.  Got to go to work now - speak to you later!



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Hello Diane
I would like to go , though work would limit me to only 3 or 4 dates. It would be nice to meet and go as a group if anyone else who lives near is interested.
I agree Julia, it would be nice to meet up and go as a group although whether we could agree on a suitable date is another matter! The Assembly Halls are only 10 mins walk (uphill!) from the railway station so it's quite easy to get to. We've been in West Lothian now for 10 years and have never been to anything at the Edinburgh Festival before - I just saw this and thought I've got to go!
I would like to go too. I think I can be quite flexible with dates so keep me posted.

I would come up on the train from Berwick to Waverley as with it being the "Festival" it is a nightmare to park in central Edinburgh. I can do 6th/8th/12th/13th/16th or 19th August due to work commitments. It would be lovely to meet some other KAS members and I would love to see the Soweto Choir as I have only seem them on the TV maybe we could have lunch before or dinner after the concert.
Edinburgh is a nightmare at the best of times! I'll be going by train too. I can't make the 6th or the 8th but the rest of the dates are fine with me. Hopefully Jeni will be able to make one of those dates. (Food sounds good too!)
Thats fine Diane. I will cross off the 6th and 8th so I know I can work then..I am self employed. Will see what suits Jeni




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