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Just not sure about sending squares.  I will send as and when  and need to know that the squares have arrived.

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Hi Amanda, here is the link to the Square Lists published monthly : http://www.knit-a-square.com/squares.html

Scroll day the page and you'll find each month has its own link to click on.

When sending from the UK, it usually takes 6-8 weeks to arrive, and then is listed at the end of the month the package is opened.  If you have any problems, just come back!  Over the years very few parcels have gone astray - even when they have had postal strikes lasting 3 months! 

I will only send squares in DK and i don't feel comfortable doing garter stitch.

Dk is just fine Amanda, if you are not keen on garter , other patterns can be use. There is the KAS pattern book or members squares for just a few ideas, as long as the square is 8 inch/ 20cm.

I want to send squares to the charity and need to know if they arrive.  As I am concerned.

Hi Amanda , we are lucky KAS has lost very few parcels, we log them each month in the received squares list .You can check that to ensure your Parcel arrives safely. I have sent lots of parcels and they have arrived safely ... However they can take some time

Hi Amanda, we posted the link to the Squares on your Facebook questions, but just in case here it is again : http://www.knit-a-square.com/squares.html

As Sharon has said, amazingly over the past 8 years very few parcels have gone astray, but, sometimes it can be a while before they get through when the SA postal service has strikes and go-slows!

Can i put something on here to say i have sent parcel and photos.



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