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A huge thank you to everyone who came along yesterday to work on teddies, cuddle bugs, knitted balls and squares.  It was lovely to have a houseful, and to see friends and make new friends.

A great big thank you for my lovely flowers as well :)

I shall attempt to post the photos of the day I took here for everyone to see.  Please feel free to add any photos you took if you took any.

I look forward to being able to post the photos of everything parcelled up and ready to go in the post - I plan to get posted the items that were donated already finished this week - the rest  shall post as I get them back in, or if you took yours home to finish and post, please let us see them finished on here before they go :)

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What a brilliant idea to vacuum pack them!  They all fitted into 3 packages and went off in the post this afternoon.  Safe journey, little teddies and dolls!!!

That is quick work Rebecca,pleased the vacuum packs came in use. :))
Lovely to see all the pictures - I'm so disappointed that I couldn't make it in the end but a family crisis meant a last -minute change to my plans. What wonderful creations you have all made!

Rebecca, as promised here's a pic of Lucy the Lamb.....the pattern was simple to follow, it took just one evening to make and my MIL thinks she adorable.

Thanks for a lovely day, good food, great company and lots of toys for the KAS children, a win, win situation. xx

Here's Winston in the Union Jack scarf Sharon gave him, Sharon he loves it, he sends you a big hug of thanks.  Also pictured are Usain Bolt in his Jamacian team kit.....in Rebecca's main photo Usain is poking out from begind her head and finally Winston's girlfriend Miss Pink in her pink and purple stripy dress.

Dear UK Kas people - I am thinking of doing another Teddy Day.  It is likely to be in August as September is very busy already for me...........

Would anyone be interested in another day out in Leicestershire?  Is a weekend better for people or would a week day be easier?



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