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I'm new to this and am wondering how much it costs to mail packages.  And BTW, what is the address that I should send them to?

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Hi Deanna,

Welcome to this wonderful knitting adventure! Look at the mailing instructions at the following link: http://www.knit-a-square.com/postal.html.

My packages usually cost somewhere between $12 and $15 for about 3 - 4 squares. It depends on the shape and size of your envelope and the weight of your yarn. I suggest bringing your squares into your post office and talking with an employee as to what packaging would be the most cost efficient for you. 

Have fun!

Julie Wulff

Buffalo Grove, IL

Hi Deanna

Please check out  the mailing instructions and current rates at


Here's what it says



Thanks to Helen Flagg for this information

Unlike some other countries, the US Postal Service does not offer the option of Surface Mail

South Africa is considered Zone 7

First Class Mail International

Maximum length: 24 inches..   Maximum length x height x depth  36 inches.

Maximum weight- 4 lbs.

Sample prices  2 lbs.: 24.05  3 lbs.: 31.85


Priority Mail International

Maximum length: 42 inches   Maximum length x height x depth  79 inches

Important tip

- Do not use Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes. You cannot fit enough in them to make it cost effective. Use regular boxes that fit within the size guidelines.

Sample prices  16 lbs.: 117.16     6 lbs.: 65.85

Best Bang for Your Buck

The more the package weighs for Priority, the lower the cost becomes per pound. However, if the package weighs less than 10 lbs., you will pay more per pound to send one package Priority than if you send smaller packages First Class International.

The Bottom Line:

US residents, if you have less than 10 lbs. including the weight of the packaging/container to be shipped, send smaller packages not exceeding 4 lbs. each that meet the size requirements for First Class Mail International. If your mailing weighs 10 lbs. or more (including packaging/container), send one package Priority Mail International.

Sending just a few squares at a time is a VERY EXPENSIVE way to mail them, so it is better to save them up until you have a bunch.  Prices may have changed since I posted the above info.  Ususally we update to currenet prices early in the new year.

I just came back from the post office and was absolutely shocked at how much the postage prices to South Africa have increased.  I simply could not afford it at this time and brought my package back home.  Usually I send about 35-40 squares at a time and it costs around $30, but today my package (weighing 3 lb. 6 oz.) was calculated to cost $57.25!!!  The clerk calculated it twice, and I brought it home and looked online as well, and it still came out to $57.25.  This breaks my heart as I cannot afford these fees yet I love to crochet for the children.  Has anyone else had this same experience or any suggestions???

I have been playing with the postage calculator, and it seems now that the "tipping point" for the price jump is over 3 lbs.  If I can keep the weight just under 3 lbs., it looks like the First Class International rate will be $33.25.  I will have to remove some squares and re-package it.

Hello. I have had the same problem. In July, the Lopez Knitters and I sent 3 boxes of squares enough for 18 blankets. The cost was 431 dollars. We were shocked! I've since opened a gofundme.com account. I described my dilemma and asked my friends through Facebook and email if they could help me with the postage. So far they have donated 150 dollars. I've got 5 boxes of stuffed animals ready to go but that will only cover the post for one. It really is a conundrum because we are already donating time gladly, but coming up with the shipping money REALLY is difficult. My only solutions have been my mom, my friends, and using money from recycling.

I have about 4 hats (I know that's not a lot, but I do have some) ready to go, but I just don't have the funds to ship them either. I don't know when they will leave me to go to South Africa. I feel terrible, but I just don't have it. Looking at the comments made here, I'm assuming I'm not alone!



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