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I want to start knitting squares but i am confused. The squares should be 8" squares, the pattern says 32 stitches which makes the squares 6" or am i wrong. Any advise would help

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Comment by Christine Johnson on July 30, 2013 at 10:10am

Hello Melanie, thanks for your enquiry.

The instructions on site to use 32 inches would refer to thicker yarns than we are accustomed to in this country and I thought that the square patterns had been revised. Where did you find the old information?

If you are only getting a 6" square I am assuming that you are using 4mm needles and UK double knitting? With that weight of yarn I would think that you would need at least 40 stitches. You should be able to get an idea of how many stitches by looking at the ball band - it usually tells you that 20 stitches knits up to 10cm (4") for example.

To make a thickish square I tend to double my yarn, knitting two strands together if I'm using DK and using 5mm or 6mm needles I still need about 33/35 stitches. Similar with Aran weight for which I use 5mm needles. Don't worry too much if your square's not exact; you will get used to it. If you prefer you could try a diagonal square where you cast on just three stitches and increase at the start of every row until the side of the work measures 8", at which point you start to decrease. A pattern for this and a variety of other squares can be found in the KAS Pattern Book by clicking on the tab above the Forum discussions.

If you're still having difficulty ask me again and I'll try to be more specific. It is a bit and miss at first but you do develop a feel for it after a while. Hope you soon have success and post a photo of your work on the Forum.


18 November 2014

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