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At 5:13am on June 18, 2018, Amy said…

Hey Bev,

What size hook did you use on Miss Olivia and what were the final dimensions?

Stay warm down under and we will try to stay cool.

At 5:30am on June 11, 2018, Mary Verbeek said…

Me again.  I was wondering what is the best type of packaging to use to mail the squares (e.g. padded envelope)?

At 4:49am on June 11, 2018, Mary Verbeek said…

Hi Bev

I think I am on the right track.  I’ve sent the picture by email to the forum as I am not sure how to attach it here.  They are made up of leftover yarn (double thickness).   I am anxious to mail out my first batch!


At 5:16pm on June 10, 2018, Roz Neilson said…

Morning Bev

Thanks for the 'welcoming' email.  I live fairly close to the drop-off point in Randburg so will hand deliver the squares.  Only just discovered theKAS 'themes' but have a few already knitted that would fit .. I'll get stuck in to reach the 35 square target! :)  I must admit I am having a great deal of fun and pleasure knitting these squares.

At 4:30pm on June 10, 2018, Mary Verbeek said…

They are 8 inch squares.  The patterns just don’t fit your theme.  Thanks for all the info!

At 3:07pm on June 10, 2018, Mary Verbeek said…

Hi Bev

Thank you very much for your email.  I just want to make sure you accept any squares as I have already made quite a few before receiving this email.  I was also wondering how many squares would be best to mail at one time.

At 6:08pm on May 28, 2018, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Bev, Totally agree on the hippo. He was the one who jumped into my arms first.:))

At 4:36pm on May 18, 2018, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Bev, These cute little toys do seem to have away of jumping out at me and saying please take me home:)) I love finding them.

At 9:29pm on May 8, 2018, Jude Sullivan said…

Well the day has dawned! Will report in later xx

At 5:30am on May 8, 2018, Susan Jones said…

HI Bev, Thank you for the warm welcome, and all of the information.  

Oh yes, I have discovered the PJ pattern.  It is a wonderfully easy pattern for those of us who are not experienced with crochet.  It looks nice and works up quickly.  It provides a little break from knitting.  

At 9:50pm on May 5, 2018, Jude Sullivan said…

At last my dear we have contact!  Watch this space xxx

At 4:59am on April 20, 2018, Athelé Oosterbroek said…

Some Gorgeous squares Bev. I will definitely keep a look out for your parcels. Especially love the 6 butterflies and really all the themed ones. Lucky children who get blankets wi5 your squares!!

At 4:58am on April 20, 2018, Athelé Oosterbroek said…

Thank you for your warm welcome to the forum Bev. It is a joy to open the parcels and be inspired by what we find to join together into gorgeous blankets. I sew together about 50 blankets/year and love every one. None of which would be possible without the kind and generous contributions of lovely ladies like you!

many blessings on you and your family

One Love


At 2:34am on March 26, 2018, Hannah Cross said…

I did get the link, and I've been reading over it to make sure I fill out the customs form properly.  I think I've got a few more squares to make to meet the 35 per afghan, but then there will be 3 afghans' worth.  I'm on spring break this week, so I'm hoping I can get them finished and shipped off this week!

At 12:48pm on March 25, 2018, Hannah Cross said…

I've been working hard at making bunches of squares for multiple afghans, but I can't find the page that told me how many are used per afghan.  Do you know?  I'd like to group them and send them that way...

At 5:11am on March 24, 2018, Andreja Jagacic said…

Thanks a lot! Will explore! BR

At 12:17pm on February 19, 2018, Nancy Johnson said…

Bev - thank you for your response to my message.  My more recent squares are meeting the 8" "requirement".  This is such a great way to make a difference.  I'm happy to be part of it.  Nancy

At 3:45am on February 19, 2018, Nancy Johnson said…

This is a great way for a senior citizen to contribute to a worthy cause all the while using up all the "left-over" yarn from long ago finished products.  I must admit I haven't knit in quite a while and not know the "size" of the yarn, a few of my first tries did not come out exactly 8 inches square.  Can they still be used?  Thank you.

At 8:32pm on February 3, 2018, Denise Bailey said…
Very cute animal square.
At 5:28am on January 20, 2018, Michou Godfrey said…

Dear Bev, thank you for your messages.

Funny but I am exactly in the same position as Patricia Underwood (below). I've been  sending hats and squares to KAS for years, but only just joined the forum. The main reason is that I have a question: as I'm getting older, my wrists are not so great and I find it easier to knit DOUBLE, i.e. my squares are 2Dk on 51/2mm needles. They are thicker, of course but still pliable and very warm. Is that OK?



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