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November - Bugs, Slugs, and Hugs (RJSK)

Thank you RJSK for the square heart.




Stellar Knitters


Nova Scotia !


 In 2014 our Gloria Grandy put up a notice in her local library and keen knitters ( and crocheters ) turned up for their first meeting in August. Just two for the first meeting. The little group grew and grew until there was a flood of goodies for KAS, and it hasn't stopped. These ladies have spread the word throughout their own local communities and far beyond to include, to mention a few, Trish's sister USA,  Gwen's family in Western Canada, Myrtis's group in the USA.  The group has postage funded by donations and fundraising efforts. For the second year they celebrated  Knit- in- Public- Day .This is an event where they take display items, and visit different venues to knit and chat with people to create awareness of KAS. Read about this year's event in the  RJSK blog! There is always a tight budget but somehow these intrepid ladies always manage to send a bulging parcel. As an example in April 352 squares arrived from RJSK along with some hand-warmers and toys tucked in.

A happy gathering of RJSK members.

A table full of beautiful goodies and beautiful people.

photophotoOctober - Favorites - (RJSK) Donated Dolls

Stellar Knitters

Ellie Dale a Librarian in Stellarton decided to set up a knitting group in the library. Before long the group got to  hear of RJSK and were  introduced to KAS. They have knitted (or crocheted) several blankets. They have either paid for the postage themselves or with donations from library patrons.  Helen Cruikshank has posted many of the Stellar Knitters squares to SA. The Stellar Knitters are a quiet group on the forum and we don't get photos of their work.

Here are some links to media reports about RJSK and Stellar Knitters The article about RJSK was written in  2014 but is still interesting to read !

and a link to Gloria's


Thank you so much RJSK and Stellar Knitters ! We hope you will have any more happy times together creating squares and blankets for KAS !

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  • Congratulations ladies on your award, you do a fabulous job of spreading the word. :))
  • A big thank you to all of you wonderful ladies for all that you do for the children. A very well deserved award!

    Apologies for not commenting before, I thought that I had........, oh dear, another 'senior moment' :))

  • Congratulation on winning the Square Heart Award !!  beautiful work, well done and so many happy children from all your loving kindness - and busy fingers!!!

  • Congratulations on your awards you wonderful, wonderful, ladies.

  • Just a joy to read your history and accounts of your ongoing activities.  CONGRATULATIONS Nova Scotians for your big hearts.  I wasn't born yet, however my mother and her then three children disembarked in Halifax in December 1948 to begin their new lives in Canada.  And thank you for that welcome.   

    • That's a lovely story Mili !

  • Congratulations to both groups on winning the award! Thank you for all of your heart-warming contributions.

  • Many Congratulations from the Netherlands Ladies! A well deserved award for your love for the children, your creativity, enthousiasm and team work. xo

  • WOW!  What an honour!  Thank you so much everyone.  

    The ladies in both of these groups are truly are amazing and so deserving of this award and your kind comments ... xo

  • A well deserved award for the RJSK and Stellar Knitters.  Thank you for warming so many children.

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