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I found a bag of yarn at the thrift store last month and made it a personal challenge to use it all up in one month. I did it!

As soon as my blog gets approved, I'll post pictures of my weekly progress. Well. I'll *try* to post pics. "Barb" and "tech savvy" are three words that never appear in the same

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  • 2965349922?profile=original2965349790?profile=originalA few more cancer caps.

    These are the last of the photos. Can you believe I forgot to take one of my stash? Can you believe I *have* a stash? Well, maybe you

    • Fantastic striped hats, Barb!! Could you share the pattern? are these for a newborn? Thanks.

      • Thanks, Diana. They're not newborn size. The pattern has two sizes, Kids 5-8 and Adult. I tend to knit loosely so, for me, following the smaller size, with the suggested needles, made a cap that would fit a small to average adult head. I don't stress about gauge and fit for things like caps. I figure they'll fit someone. Here's a link to the pattern.

        Crochet version

        • I love your hearts and fish !!!

      • I think your coasters look perfect, Barb....the stitching is sooooo neat. If you hadn't have said you made them, I would have believed them to be shop-bought.....truly!!!!

        Great chemo hats.......started to pick a fave, but it looked like being a long

        You and the word 'stash' just don't seem to go together......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • Thanks, Bev! :-)

          "You and the word 'stash' just don't seem to go together......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha"

          I know, right?..............lolololololololol

          I'm determined to not buy any yarn this year.

          • Uh-huh!! Good luck with that!!!!

            • Rephrase...I'm determined to not buy any KAS yarn this year, which means I'll have to stay out of the second hand store. It's my downfall. I just can't pass up a bargain. lol

              I do have some personal projects in the queue that I'll have to purchase yarn for.

    • Fabulous caps.

  • 2965349835?profile=originalI couldn't find any coasters that I liked so I made some. This is regular cotton yarn that we use for dishcloths. I think I used 2.75mm needles. It made a nice tight fabric. I used 2.25 for the cast on but I need even smaller needles for that. I tend to cast on loose and it makes the cast on edge flare a bit, as you can see.

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