• Some of my squares from December, in chain stitch, blanket stitch, c2c stitch, and shell stitch




    • Kiran December square.


      • Thank you, Kiran, some lovely squares there.

      • OoooOoo!!   The middle 3 look super textures for little fingers to explore.

        • I agree with Karen......the textured squares are very pretty, but think my faves are the top ones done in chain stitch....LOVING the colour combos there.   :))

          ALL sooo neat, Kiran.  :))

          • Thanks Amy, Karen and Bev! You guys are all so motivating :)

  • Thank You, Patricia, for this wonderful theme.   You've inspired so many creative new squares and blankets.

    I apologize for being late (only 1 month!) with my contribution.  

    My sister-in-law helped make squares for this blanket while here on a visit.10046917872?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Sharon I love this + the fact it's a family collaboration makes it even more special X

    • Oh my goodness, Sharon, you and your S-I-L are a super team!  I love all the different colours in this one - and a child will love to have it wrapped around them :)) ... xo

    • What a lovely way to spend your time together, Sharon, and a beautiful blanket to show for it.

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