Hi everyone!!


My name is Charlotte and I'm writing from England. I am 23 years old and live in West Sussex with my boyfriend Varun. I work for the english budget airline easyJet at London Gatwick Airport. If you're from Australia you may have heard of us from the program Airline as I believe it was aired over there too. I am a crew dispatch officer which means I am based in the breifing room where all the pilots and cabin crew prepare for their flights. We monitor on time performance and try to get all aircraft leaving on time. If you're late, we won't wait. We carry out tasks such as calling crew who are late, printing pilot flight plans, organise buses to aircraft etc. I learnt to knit from my Nan and she loves helping me out when I get stuck. I love knitting squares for charity as I no longer waste my left over wool and it even gives me a chance to try out new patterns. I used to crochet when I was a bit younger but seem to have lost the 'knack'. I'm new here to the forum and just thought I'd introduce myself to you all...

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  • Hello Charlotte!

    Welcome to KAS!

    My name is Rachel and I`m 31years old.

    I live in Germany!

    My Mum though is british:-)She is from Leeds.

    As my Grandma and Grandad and my Aunty live in England I often go and visit them:-)

    In fact I`m flying to England in summer with my Mum:-)

    I also love to knit,I learnt it from my Mum who is a super knitter:-)

    I`ve done some squares and hats with my Mum and in January we sent our first parcel off to Africa!

    Hope you have fun!

  • Hi Charlotte! Nice to meet you!

    Your first 2 squares are so beautiful - I thought you were an "old timer" to KAS! ;)

    I love the way you describe your job. I travel a bit, and it's nice to know there are people like you keeping things in order backstage.


  • Thanks everyone for your replies!! It has been a pleasure meeting everyone in the forum and so nice to know everyone is so active for the charity. It is very interesting to hear where everybody is knitting from.


    Charis - We have been very lucky with the weather the past few days, it is going to last the whole week too :)

    Christine - Thanks for the idea to search dish cloths, I love finding new ideas to try out.

    Bev - I have just posted my first picture of my first square and my English flag design square :)

    Debbie - I am definitely considering picking up crocheting again, just like you! I have my hooks out ready to go!

  • Hi Charlotte, great to meet you! Thanks for joining us x xxx

  • Welcome, Charlotte from near Philadelphia in the USA! So glad you joined us. I am just relearning crochet after many years of knitting. It is fun and gives me another skill to use to help the children in SA. 

  • Hi Charlotte

    Welcome from sunny Australia....as Charis has said your job sounds very interesting...and never a dull moment.

    So glad you chose KAS...it is indeed a very worthy cause.

    Look forward to seeing some pics of your squares...no pressure...lol.

  • Hi Charlotte, welcome to the forum. We're so pleased that you found us. Yes, one of the great things about knitting squares is that you can practise new patterns and there's plenty of inspiration on site. The patterns section is being re-organised at present but the Photos are always worth a look and googling 'dish cloths' will bring hundred of patterns online to try. Do have another go at crochet too - the two skills complement each other.

  • Hi Charlotte, welcome to KAS from Cornwall-lovely and sunny today! Your job sounds very interesting and I am sure keeps you very busy-I have flown with Easyjet a few times and all but once left on time-once we even left early because everyone was on board on time!! You have joined a great forum-very friendly and chatty and knitting for KAS is such a wonderful thing to do.It is a great place to get inspiration-the photo gallery never fails to give new ideas and if you have any questions there is always someone who will come up with an answer. I am sure you will enjoy being a member.

    I look forward to seeing your photos too!


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