As many of you have no doubt already noticed, a discussion has sprung up regarding an appropriate January Challenge.  At this time of year it was thought that Colors of Hope, as in stashbusting your oddments of yarn, would not only produce a square, hat or sweater that would give Hope to a child but also hope to us--that we'd clear out our yarn stashes a little bit!  :D


Along with that, another Moderator (Dawne) suggested "New Pattern, New Year" for any of you wanting something interesting to start the New Year off with.  I suggest any new patterns we are trying be listed here so others can try too, knitting or crocheting.  Sounds good?  And if anyone wants to try weaving that also produces warm squares.  A small plastic table loom, cheaply bought in a child's craft section produces potholders and squares which when woven in yarn will be quite warm and welcome. So long as they are about 8 inches it's all for the good of the children. :)


I'm still plowing through my bright coral pink yarn, which is certainly a color of Hope, but I am doing a hat right now with vertical stripes of leftover yarn bits between the pink, so it will definitely be eye-catching when it's done, but also warm...remember Africa's winter will soon be upon them.  As many of us warm up, they cool down so now is not too early to start making something thick and lovely for the dear children.  I keep looking at the smiling child in the purple and lavender hat atop this page, that kind of smile can keep me crocheting through a lot of snowy nights. :)

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  • I've just returned from holiday and was thrilled to see the reaction to my Bavarian crochet square - thanks everyone.  Many thanks also to Linda and Cathy for the links.  I hadn't heard of Sarah London before but, having just visited her website, I think her designs are wonderful. 
  • We will be releasing full details on the February challenge around Feb. 4th. I can tell you it will be fun, involves squares and is something we've never done before!  I'm quite excited about it as it has the capacity to grow over the next couple of months.  So keep making squares and you'll be that much more ahead of the game when we put up the challenge! :D
  • That square is beautiful. I think we will all be looking it up. I hadn't heard about it either.
  • You know, there IS a very pleasant rhythm to knitting/crocheting for children a hemisphere away.  On those "snowy nights" you mention, while we sit in front of our fires, it's so delightful to knit - and it seems just instinctively to make more sense in winter than in summer (though I plan to keep up a square a day in summer, too, don't get me wrong!).  And when you add up the completion time, waiting to fill up a box, and the shipping time, our winter work arrives just in time for the children's southern-hemisphere winter.  I like that arrangement!
    • Exactly Donna!  I couldn't have put it any better.  I feel the same way.  And, in our summer we can knit/crochet knowing they are experiencing winter and winter will come again so blankets are always needed.


      Put more succinctly: it's always a good time to knit/crochet!

    • I like how it works out too, Donna.  I agree, it's great to think warm things I make now will keep them warm when I'm making lighter weight things over the summer.  Thank goodness a square won't overheat us in the summer eh?  That prison coming online means a steady stream of squares will help them immensely.  I still think that's so neat. I mean it was awesome enough that our handwork benefits the African orphans so directly but now it ALSO benefits the prisoners as they get to do work to benefit others.  A double benefit...I think that is soooo cool.


      Jeanne :D

  • I just wanted to let you know that I am spreading the word on Knit-A-Square here. Thanks for all you do!
    • Thank you for spreading the word kindlydeeds.blogspot!
    • Lecia you are braver than me if you seriously eat Cheetos in bed!!!  That conjures up images of itching and twitching all night, lol.  

      Thanks for spreading the word on your blog spot, it's a pretty looking site.  I couldn't agree more with Pres. Monson's comment that "True charity is love in action."  I think that's why I always get such a boost from working for KAS. :D  I really do find joy in service. :)  Thanks again for the mention. I have to ask, can you let us know how many squares the girls managed to do? 


      Jeanne :)

  • Love the Bavarian Square, the colour combination is beautiful.  I'm still struggling to crochet a granny square but will keep trying who knows one day I may crack it.

    Happy knitting


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