What a fantastic opportunity this is for our UK knitters.  The well known clothing chain, Jigsaw in the UK has partnered with KAS and knit-a-square for an autumn/winter square drive.  During that time UK knitters (and crocheters can bring their squares into any of the UK stores and they will send them to South Africa on your behalf. 

This initiative was bought about, because their head of marketing, Liz Sowden found knit-a-square online and was greatly touched by the work you are all doing. She thought it was the most perfect fit to launch with 'Wool Week 2011' in the UK and for the mothers who shop for their children and their own clothes in their stores.

Let's think about what other wonderful 'fits' exist out there in other countries to organise a similar opportunity.

Everyone wins, especially our children.   Look forward to your ideas everyone.


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  • I just dropped off 3 blankets at the edinburgh George st branch of Jigsaw the woman behind the counter was v enthusiastic and appreciative which was great. I didn't get the impression that they had had many drop offs though. Surely I'm not the only knit a squarer in Edinburgh?
  • Thanks Pam, I shall look out for the info in January then.
  • Do we know how many squares have been given to Jigsaw so far?

    There might be people who started knitting for KAS in Wool Week, but are not on the forums - plus the staff in my local Jigsaw shop said that they were all making squares too, so just wondering......
    • We probably won't know the final count until January, when they are ready to be shipped.  Having analysed the square square lists the figure tends to be double that recorded on the Forum.  Quite a lot of members dip into the Forum without leaving comments - the views of photos is always around 10 views per comment!  Also the Jigsaw shops have had showcards on display along with knitted squares that have attracted their customers and staff to take part.  So I guess we will all have to wear our 'patience' caps - but ooooooh don't we long to know!!
  • Via a rather roundabout route, my sister-in-law kindly dropped a package of 32 squares into the Jigsaw shop in Chester on Monday for me.  I had warned her that the staff might be happy to see her.  She called me that evening because, despite the warning, she had been overwhelmed by the excitement and warmth of their greeting.  Thanks Jigsaw! 
    • Yes, my sister was so delighted with my story that she has offered to deliver my next blanket too.


  • Went shopping today with mom and Harrison. First stop was the Glasgow Jigsaw store where we dispatched 6 blankets of 5 by 7 squares. The staff were very friendly and seemed so pleased to recieve them. Thanks Jigsaw, you have saved me a fortune in postage this month. Check photos page for Jigsaw pic.



  • There is only one problem with going into the Jigsaw Shops - the array of lovely clothes!  I'm being steadily seduced by a rather attractive cerise coloured jumper - don't think I can hold out much longer...........
    • I think I may be in danger of that too Jane!  I give in so easily to temptation!  Went into a new knitting shop yesterday to perhaps buy a bargain ball for squares - and came out with two books - one of fantastic neck warmers and similar things great for presents - and another of knitted wild animals - irresistible for KAS children!  Oh - and a ball of wool for squares too! :-)
      • Well at least you didn't forget the ball of wool Pam!
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