• GORGEOUS colour, Patricia!!

      This pattern has a lovely texture. LOVE your squares!!

    • Love the bright green color!  

      I know what mini C2C is but will need to learn about Super Mini C2C.   The texture looks terrific.

      • I learnt about it from Ada. KAS sisters sharing knowledge once again.

  • Thirteen Christmas candy cane inspired squares.

    I often claim to be unobservant...and this is another example. I bought three unbanded balls totalling 400gms as a pack of 'factory overruns'. I knitted four squares from each of the three balls. Then I decided I would have enough to knit one more using the leftovers. I knitted until the first ball ended.....and.... then I joined the second leftover and that's when I realized two of the balls were a lighter red with white and the third ball that was now joined to the lighter red, was darker......oh well, at least my camera treats them all pretty much the same. laughing



    • Bring on the candy canes and peppermint!

    • Very festive Bev, I always love stripes! 👍

    • These are very festive, indeed.   I'm pretty sure the children won't mind the tonal difference in color.   (I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out!)


    • These are wonderful squares, Bev. I don't think the children are going to be too fussed about the different shades of red! I think it was Sharon who once said to look as it as a "design feature" when something like this happens. A good philosophy.

  • Celebrating Christmas 12688651885?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • What a fun Christmas hat and handwarmer set.   They make me smile, and the children will, too.

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