• I've just checked, I use Safari search engine for KAS, and photos are there. I opened the discussion in Google and they are not showing there.

      • I can see the photos on my screen, I wonder why they are hiding on yours? Patricia, don't feel guilty, I too am always glad to see a sunny day, I just wish that Mother Nature could share the water fairly.

      • I've just thought to go into Photos and I can see your blanket there. Beautiful yarn.

  • Bev your squares look just like candy canes. Great job.

  • That is very interesting. I wonder if Iceland produce their own wool. I love the colour of your squares Patricia, nice and bright. Pattern is great too.

  • This map shows the popularity of knitting by country. We're pretty well represented in the top half, but do we have any KAS members from Iceland?


    • I don't believe we have any contributors from Iceland.  I have been there and they have lots of sheep and beautiful handmade wool items.

    • That's interesting. Thanks for sharing.  :))

  • Colour of the Month squares in Super Mini C2C.



    • Bright beauties!

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