• My blanket represents water.

    I was recently on holiday in Cornwall, where many people depend on the sea for their livelihoods and not just the fishermen. Each day I checked the weather forecast, hoping for a dry sunny day.

    It started me thinking about those who can't access clean drinking water, leading to diseases and death. Droughts causing crops to fail and cattle to die.

    I love spending time near water, whether it be the sea, rivers, lakes or canals, it somehow lifts the spirit.

    So I want to celebrate WATER, our lives would be the poorer without it.


    The colours are brighter than in blanket photo....12701857895?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • I can't see the photos here, either.   I followed Patricia's suggestion and check the Photos tab, and was able to see it there.

      It is a beautiful color combo, Chris, and it really does look like water .... I'm watching National Geographic Shark Week while working this month ... lots of ocean both above and below the surface while studying sharks, and your blanket blends perfectly!   LOL

    • I can't see your photos, Chris, so I'm hoping some clever person knows what to do.

      So much that we take for granted - you've made me feel guilty for complaining about how much rain we've had this year.

      • I've just checked, I use Safari search engine for KAS, and photos are there. I opened the discussion in Google and they are not showing there.

      • I can see the photos on my screen, I wonder why they are hiding on yours? Patricia, don't feel guilty, I too am always glad to see a sunny day, I just wish that Mother Nature could share the water fairly.

      • I've just thought to go into Photos and I can see your blanket there. Beautiful yarn.

  • Bev your squares look just like candy canes. Great job.

  • That is very interesting. I wonder if Iceland produce their own wool. I love the colour of your squares Patricia, nice and bright. Pattern is great too.

  • This map shows the popularity of knitting by country. We're pretty well represented in the top half, but do we have any KAS members from Iceland?


    • I don't believe we have any contributors from Iceland.  I have been there and they have lots of sheep and beautiful handmade wool items.

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