We will start KasSnippets with this photograph : 14th May Ronda's car broke down on the way to distribute much needed blankets to Ithumeleng Creche in Soweto! Thankfully, Ronda's saintly husband came to the rescue whilst the AA took care of the car. Peter loaded his car and the journey continued so the children wouldn't be disappointed!  You may recall that in 2010 this creche was going to be closed and demolished as the children were sleeping on linoleum. KAS arrived 48 hours before the deadline and provided blankets, beanies, toys & stationery, and, of course, general love, warmth and encouragement.  Wandile has kept in touch regularly with Mavis, who does a fantastic job and KAS has wanted to re-visit for sometime!  [More pics of this distribution soon.]

16th May - G4S Cash Solutions (South Africa) provide KAS with a blanket distribution vehicle custom painted in our colours and with the KAS logo!


Here is an extremely excited, stunned and delighted Ronda with Paul and Justin from G4S.  To read and see more photographs please go to G4S Cash Solutions



G4s van keys handed over by Wendy! G4S van being hugged with pleasure! G4S van being celebrated & blessed!  G4S car - the rear end! Ronda takes the G4S car home!


Pictured with Ronda is Winston who has been SO helpful to KAS over the past couple of years, along with Jack, the other G4S driver.

Comment from Ronda : I will forward to G4S any notes of thanks that members include in their parcels - they certainly deserve our appreciation for this wonderful gift.  The van has already proved useful as a number of large boxes had to be mailed to Western Cape - and we got the whole consignment in and only needed one trip to the Post Office as a result!

Well, we couldn't resist creating a

special challenge to herald the arrival of the KasVan!


KASVAN CHALLENGE  between now and 16th September we would like everyone sending squares to record them on this discussion.  To fill the KasVan we need 9,250 squares - let's help Ronda fill it!


HELP ON DISTRIBUTION DAY (from anywhere in the world!)


We introduced the KAS Shop to help raise funds for the various costs that have to be covered each month.  Very soon we will be adding 'A Ream of Paper', so that in addition, to the wonderful slip-ins of crayons, pencils and stickers that members send with their parcels, we can provide paper for the children to use and cover the walls of their creche's. 


It makes much more sense for Ronda to purchase paper at a reasonable cost in South Africa. Paper is very heavy and would seriously add to members postage expenses if we all tried to send it, but is very much needed to inspire the children and provide an opportunity to improve their writing skills.


Please go to the Knit-A-Square shop today and purchase something special to support the day-to-day operations directly in South Africa.


For example, you could :

+ Provide snacks and fresh fruit for the Kids!

+ Put fuel in the car!

+ Let everyone know what's happening!


Blankets - more and more completed blankets have been added to the The Blanket Album- you may even spot your squares!


Liesl-Anne Pienaar's team in Paarl, Western Cape South Africa continue to produce blankets at an astonishing rate!  Since the beginning of the year they have produced 110 blankets! Here are some pictures :



Blankets 50-100 are about to be  handed over to the A21 Campaign (abolishing injustice in the 21st Century) which is working for the freedom of trafficked people and children.  They are awaiting a box of beanies which will arrive very shortly from KAS to accompany the blankets!

JBay Recycling Project - see their first  Video


Are thinking of starting the children on so-called "French Knitting Bees". I learned to knit with one :) The first "arty" session will be on the 10th of June introducing finger painting.


Not only are they being educated on the importance of recycling and what items are recyclable, but they will now also be able to exchange their mula for skills training such as knitting, wood work, paper making, chess, body intelligence, arts and crafts as well as computer skills!


Jonathan is saving for a new bicycle.  Before weigh-in yesterday he had 160mula and a bike costs 350 - sadly he still needs another 75 mula to obtain his dream bicycle!  However, we have no doubt, with his determination, he will achieve his goal - we'll report back next month!

Messrs. Sodladia and Bhakeni are soooo happy with their blankets -

courtesy of the Stitch Witches and Knit-a-Square!



Some recent pictures of items received on opening days : 

To see more open day photographs please go to Sorted in Africa


Letter received from The Goodwill Soup Kitchen 

Below is a transcript of the letter :


Dear Ronda - Knit-a-Square,

Thank you so very much for your wonderful donation of scarves and beanies which will help so many people who come to our soup kitchen to keep warm, especially during the coming cold winter months.  


Warm regards, All at the Soup Kitchen

Letter received from Lions Club of Krugersdorp 

Below is a transcript of the letter :


Dear Ronda,


On behalf of the Krugersdorp Lions Club I wish to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful donation of soft toys and small teddies which are given to children at the Krugersdorp police station and hospital after rape ordeals and domestic violence abuse.


Best regards, Lion Sue Martin



The  May 2013 Challenge  - In Celebration of the Variegated Square

Is proving to be another great source of inspiration, the squares have been photographed and posted in droves!  Gitta Seyfert (South Africa) is leading this challenges and is having her work cut-out in order to keep the discussion page updated!  Here are some of the wonderful squares so far :

May 2013 Challenge - the Variegated Square   Var. Squares 11 = May 13  Variegated Doll-Blankie Combo image  May 2013 Variegated Challenge



MAY CHALLENGE-Variegated  top Pavillion Texture Simple Jumper - 1 Crayon Colors Diagonal Square

Mary is also having to pull out all the stops in order to get the photographs onto the Flickr Gallery  It might take about 20 seconds to load, but is well worth the view!


The Challenge for June is being lead by Linda Maltby (Canada) and the focus will be Christmas Squares

(yes, this does seem a bit mad, or even odd, but it helps that the squares

arrive in time to be sewn into blankets for Christmas distribution!)

Here is the list for the rest of the year for those of you who like to snap up bargain yarns in preparation!  The list can be accessed on the Forum - Challenge Themes for 2013




The Square List for April 2013 is ready for viewing. 

Received in April : Squares 22,855 (653 blankets);

Tops 684 and Beanies 1,173

For further details go to the discussion page Square Lists - Tally - Item Count for previous months.

Thankfully, the figures have jumped again due to the backlog from the South African Postal Strike being over!  In fact, the team held extra opening sessions to clear every single package.



Also to view photographs of opening day arrivals Sorted in South Africa ! - well worth a look as you may some of your own!




JUNE Pattern of the Month : No Sew Crochet Slip-Over by Elaine Jones (UK)


This month we are showcasing a lovely crocheted slip-over.


This garment is worked from the top down, beginning with a rectangular yoke. Because it is worked in one piece, no hand-sewing is required to finish.  Ronda has asked that the slip-over be made in a soft yarn.  The child will wear it against the skin for extra warmth.


Using a soft, variegated yarn makes for an interesting design in the slip-over.




Lucy Wallace (UK) has produced, in an amazing short time frame, 3 videos for KAS on the use of Loom Knit Squares. Lucy's presentation style is calm, clear and concise! She has wisely kept the background plain and not added any irritating music to assault our eardrums!


VIDEO  No.1  is "Create a flat panel on a round loom"


VIDEO  No.2  is "Make an 8 inch square on a round loom"


VIDEO  No.3  is "Loom knit squares - strengthening the edges"


One comment on the KAS Facebook page said "I love the valuable tip of securing the end pegs first, that was not in any of my looming books, thanks!


Another member commented on the Forum, "Well, as you say the subject is already well-covered on YouTube and would perhaps that might be a waste of your time. I just thought that yours was so clear that it actually made me want to have a go! [To be honest I've always thought that it might be boring to make square on a loom, but I think you may have converted me as the squares are so attractive.]


Here are some of photographs of the work Lucy has produced for KAS on the Loom, including a Grace Vest :

Loom knit squares Loom knit squares (2) (Mostly) loom knit version of Grace's Ribbed Vest



The latest group created on the Forum by Patricia Papamichael are the Cyprus Square Knitters and they have already had their first meeting, see lovely warm photograph below!  They have already attracted about 20 knitters/crocheters from that lovely Mediterranean Island, several of whom have recently joined the Forum. Those of us based in the Northern Hemisphere, for whom Spring has hardly begun, are extremely jealous seeing the ladies in their lovely summer clothes, especially as winter seems to be refusing to let go of its white knuckle grip on the weather, particularly in Europe!  The next meeting is set for 4th June.

Cherry Ames  - San Diego, USA is doing her best to spread-the-word with her discussion "Tell everyone you Know"! Cherry, a new member, has been enthusiastically contacting yarn shops in her area for permission to at a KAS Flyer to their bulletin boards.


Valerie Zalewski (France) - The Entente Cordiale Group attended a Charity Fete and raised awareness of KAS and held a cake sale to cover their postage to South Africa!

KAS cake sale at local charity fete Charity fete. KAS info table Part of the Entente Cordiale group Gill,Linda et Viola

More squares Friends ready to leave for SA Some 'friends' destined for South Africa!


Edited by Mary Kristel Lokken

The May Square Heart of the month Award has gone to

Susan Haines (Knoxville, Tennessee USA)

Susan joined KAS in August 2009. She is a consistent producer of the "Plain Jane" square. Her squares are not so plain! Each one is unique in that the patterns, colors, and textures vary. 

Susan is also an extremely active member of the KAS forum, intervening often with kind words of encouragement to other members.


To read award details about Susan and the responses from other members please go to May Square Heart Award  and to view more of her work here is the link to Susan's photographs




We received an additional 120 Likes on the Facebook page during May taking our total to 5,714! We also copy the messages etc received on Facebook to the Forum for anyone who is not a member of FB.




The Japanese International School - Hong Kong


We have provided a transcript as the photograph of the letter is not easily readable, see Sorted in Africa : Letter from the Japanese International School - Hong Kong


Here are some lovely pictures of the children that have been helped by KAS members!

Sakisizwe - Mamela Informal Settlement 2010 Sakisizwe - Mamela Informal Settlement 2010  Informal Settlement in Johannesburg 2012 Sakisizwe - Mamela Informal Settlement 2010 Informal settlement in Johannesburg 2012

Dobsonville (Soweto) - Mandela Day 2011 Lesedi - Sept 2010 Sakisizwe - Mamela Squatter Camp 2010 Camp in Johannesburg 2012 Thuli Day Care - Protea South, Soweto 2010

One little square

by Gloria Grandy (Canada)


Gloria wrote :             I'm just a little square.

                                    All alone, I can't do much.

                                    But when I get to South Africa,

                                    I'll join up with lots of my friends from

                                    all over the world to do a very important job.


                                    I'm curled up right now,

                                    but when my friends all gather around

                                    and hold on to me,

                                    I know I'll relax and fit right in!


                                    Together, we're going to keep a little person warm!



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  • Pam, this is such a collection of good KasNews and so heartening. The KasVan is a gift and we certainly have Wendy and G4S to thank for their generosity.  The timing could not have been better.  Thank you so much for the work you continue to do to keep the KasCommunity well informed of all the diverse and constant stream of news from our clan all over the world and the volunteers in South Africa.  Love and the warmest wishes to you all, Sandy

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