Athele and Estelle made one last distribution at Botshabelo, Magaliesberg, before the Holiday break and brought lots of cheer to very deserving children.

This distribution was Christmas themed and you will see squares and blanket  that have been collected over the last 18 months.  Elves from around the world, Australia, South Africa, the UK, Coatia, France, The Netherlands, the USA and many more counties are represented by squares in this discussion.

Below are photos and a commentary from Athele.

 A true Thank You Blessing

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  • A heartwarming distribution!  Estelle, I think that you have used up your hoard of red and green squares, and anything close to them in colour.  From now to the end of the year I'll sit down and use just these colours so that you have them for next year.

    • Thanks Mili I collect them all year. I still have a few from you that arrived just before we shut for the year. Love the gold thread you used in them...makes them so special. 

      • Estelle, you're in luck, I found the gold thread.  I don't think to use it during the year, just at Christmas.

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    • Thank you for sharing Amy.8342615265?profile=RESIZE_710x

      I chose this blanket joined by Marioth with Sharon’s centre square to take to Lucky’s son. Lucky who had lived at Botshabelo for many years couldn’t cope with the economic pressure brought on by these tough times. So sad. 

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  • “There’s no such thing as other people’s children”. A saying I just heard and thought appropriate, especially at this time. I know

    Estelle McLeod  and I were grateful to the countless hearts that know that and expressed it’s truth by sending all these wonderful items that made KnitASquare’s Christmas outreach so special. Cheers to All for your support all year that made this possible. All for One and One for all.
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