Hi everyone ! Let me tell you a nice story ... A few month ago, I sent a long letter to 10 nursing homes, about KAS , about the needs of the vulnerable children in South Africa. I asked them if they would knit for us. 2 weeks later, I called each nursing home. Some just said "no thanks", some said "not interested" (!!!!), but the last one ... It is a nursing home in Noisy Le Roi, very near my house, called Les Jardins de Noisy. I had a lady called Corinne on the phone. She is responsible for the everyday activities of the ladies in this home. She presented KAS to them, and they were THRILLED ! It was late in June, the ladies were already knitting. They had plenty of wool, so ... We decided to meet in September. No need to say that my spirits were high ! One out of ten, not so bad, after all ! So, this week, I went to the nursing home to meet our new volunteers. About ten knitters were waiting for me. I had printed some photos of children, wrapped in blankets. I felt that they would need to see where their squares would go. Do you know how many squares they had knitted ? An impressive 308 ! Plus 1 scarf, baby socks, and ... 2 knitted blankets ! Woooooow ! And I can tell you that the squares are PERFECT ! I was speechless ... Didn't even imagine one second that they could have knitted so many squares, and so well, too. I thanked them, and thanked them, told them everything I knew about KAS, my visits to SA ... And then, they thanked me. Can you imagine that ? The world upside down ! Because ... Well ... They said that for once, they felt useful. There is even one lady who is nearly blind. She knits with a device that enlarges what she is doing, a sort of huge microscope. It takes a lot of energy and courage to knit in these conditions. Next ... Well , more knitting of course, we have had a huge donation of wool. Corinne is going to write an article for the town's newsletter , for more wool, and maybe more knitters ... Go France, go !

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  • As I mentioned to other KASers, I'm only just remembering to go to the blogs and this one has been such a super read! Thanks so much for telling us about Les Jardins de Noisy, Isabelle.

  • Hi Isabelle. I find your experience here very interesting. In 2 days time, I'm going to a local Retirement home for a similar experience. I'm really looking forward to it as the activities director is very enthusiastic about KAS. Apparently her ladies knit already, but don't know what to do with their squares.

    • yeeepeee !

      bonne chance ! we both know what to do with their time and knitting skills !

      please tell us how they feel about KAS, as soon as you come back !

  • Isabellle, I am so happy for you that there was a positive response to your initiative.  I have admired your persistence in spreading the KAS word in France for several years now.  Allow me to digress and tell a little story of my own.  Last November I did a yarn store crawl in Paris.  Years ago, I had been an au pair in Paris and French is my third language, so I could maneuver quite easily in the local scene.  In every yarn store (and I think that I visited about ten of them)  I tried to engage the saleperson or proprietress in a conversation about knitting - for charity.  In one store I had a lengthy conversation with the owner about vacationing in Croatia (where I now live), the lovely sea coast, the good food and lastly, about knitting.  Her response was very simple - French women knit for themselves and their families.  Point final.  Isabelle, you and Valerie are up against a big cultural mindset in France so any changes you make in it are HUGE milestones.  Thank you so much for your efforts and my the mindset come tumbling down.   

    • Dear Mili,
      That yarn store owner is SO wrong ... When I tell individuals about KAS, many want to help. Those who can knit ( but people of my generation don't have the skill) , well , they knit. Other give or buy wool for me, which I dispatch to the volunteers. The problem I have is with persons IN CHARGE : of a nursing home, of a store, of a town ... They just won't be bothered. Until you meet the one person who will love our project, and will work with you. And that is the reward ! But please don't think French people won't knit for us for lack of generosity. The most difficult part is the fact that the KAS website is in English. And it is a fact that the French are very bad in languages ( poor educational system ...). They just don't have the information !
      • Isabelle, I'm so glad that you have found a way 'in'.  Your story exemplifies this.  

      • Valerie is hoping to set-up a page for French Language speakers Isabelle, so there is hope!  You are quite right, often people in 'control' do not want anything to disturb their way of doing things, even when it creates benefits all around.  Thanks goodness people like yourself and all our wonderful contributors can be bothered!

  • What an inspiring story (and pics) to share with us, Isabelle.....and what an achievement in such a short time. Please keep us posted.

  • This is a wonderful story I work in a nursing home and some of the ladies knit for KAS but the square are to small and I have to make them large. They can cope with to many stitches some have 25 and others have 30 keeps me busy!!!!

    • I'm very lucky, because the squares are just the right size, except for one lady, but she makes them very stretchy , so it should be all right ...
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