This month the Square Heart Award goes to

Anneke from the Netherlands

Anneke has been a devoted member of KAS since November 2010. You only have to chat with Anneke once to know what a wonderful, kind and generous person she is.

Anneke is a fiber artist. Every one of her squares is a work of art. I love them all, but without a doubt, her "knit-a-square square" is my favorite. In this square she embodies what we all work for together in the KAS community, putting our squares together to keep children warm.

What makes each square even more beautiful is the love that Anneke puts into each one for the children of South Africa. Her pocket squares are a perfect example.

It is important to remember that each child needs 35 squares for her blanket. Each and every one of our Plain Janes is essential. Look how beautiful they are when sewn together with one or two fancy squares! The toadstools are from Anneke, the truck from Anne Powell, and if you recognise your squares, please let us know! Sharing our talent, simple or elaborate squares, warms and brightens the lives of children who have so little.

Thank you so much Anneke for sharing your incredible talent with us and using it to brighten the lives of the orphans of South Africa!

I invite you to visit Anneke's photo page, choose your own favorite square and share it with us here.

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  • Congratulations, Anneke! I have always admired your amazingly creative squares. They brighten so many children's lives and I could never pick a favourite! :o)

  • CONGRATULATIONS Anneke!  I just love your work.  It's so beautiful.  You are a truly talented woman, and your love shows thru for KAS.   xo

  • My apologies for a bit belated message from me with regard to the Square heart award and the pattern of the month.

    Thank you soooo much. I am so grateful. It feels like “a crown on my work”. To receive the award and the warm-hearted square as the pattern of the month is a big honour for me, it is very heart-warming. When I started making squares and garments for KAS I never could have guessed to have developed my crochet skills in the way I did. The children bring my creativity to life. I want to give the best of my abilities, to give them warmth and some joy. Also, I should never have developed my skills if you all were not there. I think of the KAS members pattern book, I think of the chain stitch square, the hexagon sweater, the FPDC hats,  the front post wheel square, the go-overs, the lovely diagonal square, the PJs made by many of us. Then there are the monthly challenges lead by our generous moderators. You all inspire me to knit or crochet for the children.  



    Upon seeing these vulnerable children, having  despair, confusion and sadness in their  eyes, I promised myself:  As long as I am able to, I will make squares and garments for the KAS children. We can make a difference by giving them garments, blankets and beside that, soft toys to hug. I hope that love conquers all.

    Thank you KAS for being there.

    Big hugs,


  • Congratulations Anneke, your squares are simply amazing.. it is like having a story book on a blanket with these wonderful creations.  Such unique and beautiful work for such beautiful and unique children deserves this award.

  • I tried really, really hard to find a favourite but failed miserably - they're all so beautiful.  Well done Anneke - you are a star.

  • Congratulations Anneke - you certainly deserve this award.  Your work is always inspirational, creating such fun for the children. Well done you!

  • Very well deserved Anneke - your squares are just beautiful - and shine like stars among our plain janes.

    I adore the pocket squares and have picked this one to showcase although they are all wonderful -

    Panda going to sleep after the Carnival

    • Is there a pattern anywhere for Anneke's pocket squares please?

  • Christmas Challenge, Blanket decorationCongratulations Anneke... I have been amazed looking through your photos how varied and beautiful all your squares are.. This Christmas one has to be one of my many favourites and you are the well-deserved winner of the September square heart award.

  • Congratulations Anneke!!! What a beautiful collection of squares and garments you have produced for the children and you are such a sweet person, too. :))

    I found it extremely hard to pick just one favourite square, but this is my final choice...the knot in the middle is brilliant.

    Celtic Knot in Carnival Colors

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