Have you visited our new KAS Shop yet?  If not, please drop in and check us out here

We have introduced several new items in the past few weeks and there are more to come in the near future.

The income from the KAS Shop goes a long way in enabling the team in South Africa to carry on the vital work of wrapping vulnerable children in snuggly blankets made by our members.

Some members prefer to sign up for an ongoing monthly donation through PayPal in order to fund our activities.  These monthly donations are vital!

However, others of us prefer to designate our donations for a specific purpose, or can only donate now and then so prefer to do it by making a shop purchase. 

The purpose of this discussion is to get your feedback and comments.  It is sort of a “customer survey” that will help us improve the shop on an ongoing basis.

We will occasionally focus on a “product of the month” and we hope to share with you a monthly overview of what is selling and what is not.  

Any good shop needs an interesting inventory that appeals to its customers, so your feedback is essential to our success. With that in mind, we hope you will chime in here and share your thoughts about what is good (and not so good) about the KAS Shop.

We also hope that you will offer suggestions for the Shop – products that you would like to see.  Remember, since this is a “Virtual Shop” all products must be downloadable.

Remember too, that we can accommodate new products that are “personal” – things you want to purchase for yourself, for your own use - like our note card series, which will soon be expanded. A previous discussion indicated there lots of possibilities in this area, so please put your thinking caps on and give us your ideas.



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  • The Gogo Appeal has generated quite a few visits to the KAS Shop.  Look at how many Gogo Appeals have been purchased.  The Gogos will appreciate the generous support.

    Thank you Andrea for keeping track of Shop orders.

    The appeal has been posted on KAS FB and has generated a great deal of interest.

    The KAS Monthly Income graphs are posted in KAS FINANCES.


    • Thank you for the graph, Linda.  :))

      Thank you Andrea for keeping track of the shop purchases.  :))

  • I wish to thank a lady whom I've never had the pleasure of meeting, but who gave a donation of 20€ to a friend of mine for KAS. She wanted it to help the children. I've just purchased  bags of fruit with her donation.

    I wish to thank Kanta Sharma for her generous gesture.

    I also wish to thank Gill Watson for another generous donation towards postage costs.

    • That's lovely, Valerie. Thank you Kanta and Gill.  

  • Thank you, Andrea and Louise, for these graphs.  Continuing with a monthly update is a great idea! 

    I agree that inclusion of subscription income and one-offs would be beneficial in showing our members exactly where KAS is sitting with regard to finances.  Perhaps even adding the monthly outlay would be an idea.  That way, we will always know how much is needed and if there is going to be a shortfall that needs our attention.  xo

  • I've just bought some fruit for the children. My grandchildren loved the cards I sent them last year, with the donation notes in their names.

  • Just posted on the UK Facebook page for KAS about the fruit promotion - what a great idea to swap eggs for fruit that the kids can enjoy!  And what a wonderful idea to tell the children about the KAS kids!

    • Thanks, Rebecca!  There are just three words to help make the KAS Shop a success - Promotion, promotion, promotion.

  • I'm sorry for the confusion! I've disabled the non-Easter fruit items to make things easier and sent cards to those that purchased the fruit only option.

    • Thank you so much for sending the cards to me when I purchased fruit, Andrea.  xo

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