Hi Kalai (and otherTF readers).


Just finished reading the follow up article in this weeks Take 5 Magazine.


Good to see that so many readers have sent goodies.


Was that you (Kalai) in the photo?


Anyway, despite the magazine's indication that you had enough items I intend to keep knitting and sending items as I am sure there is still a need for more items in the months to come.


I was a little sad to see that they didn't give any indication of how many squares etc had been sent by T5 readers, specially as in the original article they said we should mark (TF) on our parcel labels (which I assumed was so they would know in SA where the items were from).  Anyway, just wondering, should I still mark that on my parcels or is it now a moot point?





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  • Hi all


    We are contacting Take 5 to deal with the situation. It is most definitely not the case that we no longer need any articles. Please keep marking your parcels with Take 5 we are keeping count when they reach South Africa I just haven't posted the tallies yet.


    Thank you for still knitting, we need all the squares we can get!

  • Hi Wendy, thanking for not following the advice of T5 - there must be some misunderstanding, we need squares, squares and yet more squares.  Please would you share that info with the readers!  Welcome aboard this unique virtual worldwide charity.  Members are taking direct action to make a difference to the lives of these deprived and vulnerable children.  We have become a global knitting family!  Thank you for the smile and a wave - much appreciated.
    • Maybe Sandy or Kalai would contact Take 5 to print an update? If Take 5 is something that a lot of people see in a waiting room etc then A LOT of folks will think we don't need squares which is the direct opposite of "knit a squillion"! This has been bothering me since I first saw the comments.
      • I agree Anne, I'll flag it up to Kalai, just in case it is being perpetuated!  Thanks for your help.
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