Wishing you all good health and happiness.....
and LOTS of 'craft time' in 2023.
I hope Santa had a little something in his sack for you at Christmas.
We start the New Year with a little 'kick back and relax'.
This month we would LOVE to see what you have on your hooks, needles and looms.
Please post some pics of what you're 'up to'  with your K-A-S crafting this month.
Colour of the month is

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  • Late again, I'm afraid.   And just 3 little purple squares to add.


    Big THANK YOU to Bev for getting the year off to a great start.   There are so many pretty, colorful, and WARM items on display here to keep the children warm and maybe a little entertained, too.

  • Thank you, Bev.10952683081?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Wow! This is a STUNNING plant, Karla!! What pretty, pretty leaves. Thank you for sharing.

      What a fun January.....the year has got off to a wonderful start. Looking forward to seeing everyone's fruit and veg (and PJs in the colours of) and orange squares in Feb.  xo

      • I´m glad, you like it. In fact it´s indoor plant, but in summer it grows outdoors too. We call it " African nettle" but I don´t know its Latin name.

        • Hi Karla, it’s beautiful! I’ve only ever seen them as indoor plants, I’ve never tried it outdoors, it’s called Coleus in the UK, it’s Latin name is ‘Plectranthus scutellarioides’. I reckon African nettle sounds much nicer! :)

  • Sandra, your blanket is gorgeous!

  • 10952570479?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Cheers for hosting this month Bev...I had a great time choosing what to make from my vast stash.


  • Mitred Square Blanket

    Yarn from my stash.  I purchased these 2 yarns for no other reason than I liked the colours some time back. I wanted to work on an easy blanket whilst the tennis was on and here it is.10952379872?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Beautiful colours together, Sandra.

      • A GORGEOUS, abstract design, Sandra!!

        I'm imagining it was fun to just mix and match the striped mitres on your needles....and then have it come together soooo well. Great job!!

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