What's on your hooks and needles in June 2024?


WELCOME! laughing

It's the start of another month......what are your plans for KAS crafting?
There are soooo many possibilities, it's hard to decide where to begin!
UFOs (unfinished objects)
CoM (colour of the month)
Yarn that you've been itching to knit/crochet
or just close your eyes, put your hand in your stash and surprise yourself.........laughing
Whatever you decide, I hope it brings you as much joy, as it will the children when they receive your 'end results'.
Colour of the month (CoM) is 

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  • Bev Thanks ever so much for hosting.   I've taken chances to check in and admire the array of makes across the month, and have some myself to butterfly then photograph, but as I've buzzed about holidaying I've just not had this chance.... yet! 

  • I would like to pick a favourite but I can't. I like alll of them. Each set is so different is hard to choose. You certainly kept the best for last. I am busy sewing up a set at the moment. I cheat . I do the first 2.5" on straight needles and then switch to 4 DPK and knit the rest in the round. This was I only have 1"to sew up. Of course when I add stripes I have to finish the ends, but still no sewing up to speak of. I am terrible at sewing up any garments.

    Thank you Bev for a great Turquoise month.

  • Can it be that another month has passed already???   And the year is half over!!!   

    Thank you Bev for another great month of warm and beautiful work heading to South Africa.

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  • Sorry I haven't commented much this month, I have enjoyed seeing the beautiful contributions. 
    Thank you Bev for leading the way!

  • Well after having a lot of fun TRYING to add my photo to the photo section (without any luck), I'll see what happens here.....

    These are 14 pr of handwarmers that I have finally sewn together. The very top row were knitted years ago, the middle row I knitted when we had the 'reach 500 handwarmers tally month' a couple of years back (please don't tell me it's more than that) and then the bottom two are from the ball in the intro this month. I was surprised I only got 2 pr out of the ball, as it was 100gms like the rest....different brand.


    • Way to hang in there. I bet you looked at those warmers on the top row and wondered were the years had gone since you started working on those.

      Hats off to you!! 


    • WOW Bev I'm so proud of you getting back to abandoned projects can be so rewarding.   Superb jazzy colours for handwarmers, all even + looking the correct size too ⭐

    • Congratulations on finishing all these lovely hand warmers!   The colors are beautiful.  The children will love them.   And now you have that weight off your back!  Good job.

    • I admit I have to feel in the right frame of mind for sewing up but I think you win the prize for the longest waiting time, Bev! Some lovely variegated yarns you've got there.

    • Lovely colours!

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