What's on your hooks and needles in June 2024?


WELCOME! laughing

It's the start of another month......what are your plans for KAS crafting?
There are soooo many possibilities, it's hard to decide where to begin!
UFOs (unfinished objects)
CoM (colour of the month)
Yarn that you've been itching to knit/crochet
or just close your eyes, put your hand in your stash and surprise yourself.........laughing
Whatever you decide, I hope it brings you as much joy, as it will the children when they receive your 'end results'.
Colour of the month (CoM) is 

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  • 12675908072?profile=RESIZE_400xBev for a wonderful month filled with turquoise and fun inspritation.  It has been marvelous to see all the photos and follow the fun stories.

  • Patricia you certainly have an eye for colour. I love the colours in this blanket. It does resemble the colours in the painting.

  • A truly remarkable man. he will be sadly missed. I do hope his wife found the yarn she was looking for. Knitting will give her some peace and I'm sure she will think of him as her needles click away.

  • When I saw this painting of the Yorkshire Moors the colours reminded me so much of the yarn I'd recently bought, so I've called the blanket my Moorland Blanket.


    • Beautiful blanket Patricia ♥️♥️♥️

    • Such an amazing blanket filled with the perfect colors...including truquoise.

    • LOVE the colours and colourways in this beauty, Patricia!!!....and the painting is lovely.

      I have A LOT of UK photos come through on my facebook page, many of them from Yorkshire....what a beautiful part of the world. Thankfully, over there you appreciate heritage buildings....sadly not so much so, here.

    • Oh, yes, the colors are just right to match that painting.   Love your Moorland Blanket!  More importantly, the children will love it, too.

  • Hilarious Patricia, but very true. I must tell you a story. I was going to my knitting group yesterday down Island which begins at 1.00pm. My husband had a few errands to run so he decided he would come along and do his thing while I went to knitting. My yarn store is in the same town, so very kindly he suggested that if I needed to visit the store we should leave " a little " early. I declined. A few things wrong with this idea. No sane knitter uses the phrase "little earlier " when visiting a yarn store , and no sane knitter visits a yarn store while their husband waits in the car. We have been married for 49 years and this man still doesn't seem to know how I operate. So very sad.

    • My favourite yarn store (there is a chain of them in different larger towns/cities) is the one that sits in a group of stores that also has a hardware store and a camping store. This works really well....hubby visits those and I visit the yarn store....win win...it's all in the planning. laughing

      Still, I manage to take longer than him.....haha.

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