What's on Your Needles and Hooks in April 2024?

What's on your hooks and needles in April 2024?
What surprises await your fellow KASers, from your hooks and needles this month?
I hope it's lots of this.....
and this....
and this....
and this.....
But none of this...............
Colour of the Month (CoM) is
Now some might consider brown a pretty boring colour to put in a child's blanket, but there are soooo many shades......and it complements sooooo many other colours. I'm thinking mint green , lemon,  lilac and lavender, turquoise...to name a few. So, if you have some 'browns' lurking in the bottom of your stash, drag them out...this is their moment (month) to shine!! 


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    • I love it when you finish up those lingering WIP's , Karen.   And look at what beautiful hats the children get!   Warm, and stylish = win, win

      • Love, love LOVE the interesting and pretty colourways your two strand hats create, Karen.

  • Guilty as charged for me as well Patricia. I notice mor and more grey hairs seem to find their way into my knitting. I wish I could blame dogs Amy,but we have been without a dog for a few years now.

  • I saw this on Instagram today and it made me chuckle. Guilty as charged!


    • Not sure if my hair gets included with the yarn, it has become so fine that it is nearly invisible!

    • Yep, me too, Patricia!!....haha. It helps if I'm knitting darker yarn, as the majority of my hair is silver these days and much easier to spot then. laughing

    • Or dog hairs in this household!

  • Congrats Karen on your 1,000 hat. These 10 have wonderful colours in them. I'm not picking a favourite, because they are all great.Well done.

  • Sharon love your squares. They are all so different. Believe it or not, Brown is one of my favourite colours. I only wish I could wear it, but it makes me look too sallow.

  • I do like your blanket Patricia. It says Spring is finally here. Or I hope it is. Love the colours.


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