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  • Sharmon....that is so pretty...I am not a real profiecent knitter...I will have to look up that pattern some time...it looks so nice and think and warm...beautiful African colors...
  • Thanks Christine. Sorry for not posting the pattern earlier. I didn't even think about! There are some other nice patterns on the website. I have tried a few. Post some pics when you get one made.
  • They're all lovely. I spent an hour or so trying to copy the pattern and then you posted an address which is great. There are some other good patterns at that site too - thank you.
  • Thank you, Laurie. Everything is knitted together. I will post the pattern link to the pattern page. The pattern is called Harmonic Mosaic Cloth.
  • Hi Sharman: Love these squares!!! How are they done? I see they are knitted, but is the chain put on after? It doesn't look like it, it looks like is knitted right in. Do you have a pattern? Would appreciate it!! - Laurie
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