Bunnies Coming Soon.

85 made and mailing when I hit 100! These are good for giggles and smiles. I am a 80 year old grandma with kids around the world now! Love to all of you!
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  • I'm so glad that you're seeing your bunnies, and other squares, pop up in recent blankets, Sheren. I'm sure the children love them.

  • It’s so exciting when I see a little bunny of mine pop up in a blanket. I hope the fuzzy tails make the children smile and giggle. I may be 80 but I love having a purpose each day to care for the children. ❤️
  • That’s amazing Sharen I hope you have seen your beautiful squares incorporated into the blankets we have made. I used one of your bunnies and a hat ( I called it an Easter bonnet ) in my Easter blanket. My blanket this week also has one of your hat squares in it. This week it’s a sun hat for the garden. 

  • It is so good to hear that you are adding to the number of grandchildren you have around the world.  A bunny here....a bunny there....a bunny everywhere!  

    Your bunnies are so easy to find in distributions, with those tails you know the children love finding these in their blankets.  

    Thank you for going the extra effort with every stitch and every bunny!

  • Sharen, these are SO funny!!! Love them all. Any child will cherish these in his or her blanket!

  • These are so dang adorable.  Those fluffy tails are going to be a big hit in every blanket.

  • Fabulous fun squares, Sharen. You certainly keep your hands busy!

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