'aerial view' of the 3 KasCuddles together

So that you can appreciate the 'monster' sized purple one!
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  • Indeed Gloria, indeed!  It's very wide so maybe a little child can even fit in.

  • Lina, these are all beautiful.  And the "monster" size purple one will be a godsend for some little one.  After all, babies come in all sizes :) xo

  • They are all beautiful. I admire you doing three KAS cuddles they are such a lot of work ! Really appreciated by the team in SA.

  • You've been very busy, Lina!  Your KasCuddles are wonderful!

    Since they are all kind of "stripey", why don't you post this photo of the three together into the July Stripes and Zigzag Challenge discussion.  The challenge is not just for squares and we already have some sweaters in the discussion.

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