assorted sized hats

Here are a few more pics of the hats included in my first batch.
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  • You're right Donna, that's exactly what a knitting loom does.  You can do straight pieces on knitting looms, but going round and round makes a tube you gather at one end and presto...hat.  You can also easily make a brim for them.  Wrapping the pegs and lifting the lower wrap over the top really does work.  It makes a nice change from crochet for me but I prefer to use just thicker yarns so the hats aren't too gappy.
  • Hey, Peri!  Thanks for mentioning your pictures; they're great!  I love your yarn choices, too, particularly all those Valentine's Day reds and pinks in the 1-5 year age range.  (And also that wonderful confetti yarn number!) I'm looking at them and trying to figure out how a hat loom works...  Does it create a long, open cylinder which you gather at one end to form the top?  Congratulations on some terrific looking, very varied hats that will brighten many children's days!
  • I was very pleasantly surprised the first time I used a hat loom.  They work up very fast and nicely even stitches too. :)
  • Where do you live Jen? They are generally sold at craft stores and you can also buy a set of 4 different sizes for about $19 online if you can't find them locally. Good luck
  • What lovely warm looking hats. Nobody in our yarn shops had heard of looms when I first asked about them but on a recent trip up to the city I noticed that my favourite (most expensive) shop had just got some in stock. Maybe it's time to try something new.
  • When I started, I promised myself I'd make one a day until I ran out of yarn. Still going.
  • Looks like you are a factory when it comes to these hats.  :)
  • Great hats! I especially like the top red one too and the black and white one in the centre.
  • Cute hats!
  • Peri I salute you for not only tackling a hat in black yarn but FUZZY brushed black yarn! How the heck did you ever see the stitches--oh wait---knitting loom to the rescue! I admit that's the only way I'd ever tackle a black hat and it turned out great too.  I love that popcorn fleck red hat up top.  Was that yarn hard to work with?  This is a super bunch that will be well used as we head for summer and Africa heads for winter.
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