assortment of squares

assortment of squares
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  • OK, thank you.
  • Hi! djd - the mitred square started with about 71 stitches and I knitted to the middle then slipped one, knitted two together and passed the slipped stitch over. So lost 2 stitches each row. The square gets smaller and smaller as one goes along.

    Pamela - the multi-coloured yarn comes from Turkey -I am crocheting a slip-over with it and it is so soft. It will make a good under garment against the skin.
  • Very nice! I noticed especially the knit mitre--do you just do two increases in the middle to get that?
  • lovely variety
  • Lovely colours.
  • Gosh Jen you've been so busy!
  • Beautiful array of squares. Angela xxxx
  • Oooh what lovely squares! What a great selection of colors and patterns, a true feast for the eyes. They will love opening this in South Africa. I admit my fav is the multi coloured pink, yellow, blue and green infront, reminds me of an icecream flavor I used to love. Mmmm. Though how you had the patience to do that red and white mitred square one is beyond me. Lovely lot!
  • You're putting me to shame Jen!
    Beautiful squares.
    Dawn x
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